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  1. I wouldn't meemo... You are intentionally trying to stir up conflict and I will remove those who continually abuse the boards. Shockingly, you haven't answer my initial post. You seem to love selective reading and replying.
  2. your only showing that you ARE trolling by posting that. *You're
  3. go away you little troll. please lock this pathetic thread mods :D Could just make another one :P
  4. Gift the game to your email, and activate it that way. Works just fine.
  5. Orcs must die... You would have to be a fool, to start playing DD in it's current broken form.
  6. Insults are not welcome on this forum. He read just fine. You were complaining about price. He's telling you not to bother as it doesn't do anyone any good. You buy, you wait for the sale, or you don't buy. Complaining doesn't change any of that, but annoys others. Are you serious? You should learn to read.. I am not directly complaining about prices, I am complaining about the fact that Trendent likes to take a dump on people who buys stuff early. For example: putting the hero pack on sale 1 week after release.
  7. Im starting to think most DD players suffers from mental slowness. If you cannot afford the price, which is ridiculously low for anyone who works or even for momma spoiled kiddos, IT IS NOT ANYONE'S BUSINESS. WHY MAKING FORUM POST AFTER POST complaining about it? Just DONT BUY IT. YOU DONT _NEED_ IT IN ANY WAY. Get. Over. It. From your post, I'm starting to think anyone with a B in their name is a troll.
  8. I noticed after the Halloween update that things were starting to go downhill fast for this game, and I was right. Like someone stated above me, they truly do not test or think about the consequences of the changes they make. I think they just do things for the hell of it to see how many people they can get to quit playing their game. After the long delay, original game price increase, the OVER priced DLC for 4 "new" characters that basically were gender palette swaps, and then MORE paid DLC, I'm just gonna go ahead and uninstall. The game is a grind fest, and I've got MMOs that do it bett
  9. Can I get a guarantee from the developer that the current sale price of the DLC will not go on sale for atleast 3 months? I don't feel like buying the freakin 9.99 or 3.99 DLC today to have it go on sale on the 19th (next Monday)... Actually jk I'll wait it out anyways and see :D..
  10. totally agree, i already got over 300 hours for like 8 bucks? i paid 60 for 150 hours in skyrim.... 200 of those hours were spent semi-afking or just flat out afking shops.. or survival..
  11. so this SMAA uses A dll so you get actually Banned for it . Ok, I guess you're those people that actually believe VAC is working in DD then.. In that case do carry on.. I rather not reveal how I know VAC is currently not working for crap on DD..
  12. What what? If only 3 maps are coming.. Does that mean the entire trailer was BS? Since I can clearly see at least 4 new maps in that trailer alone for campaign.. If what you say is true.. I am severely disappointed once more... The new maps better be effing worth it.. If not rather drop it on the current many charities currently running atm for child's play.. (aka Humble indie bundle)
  13. .... no you cannot get banned for this... Seeing how directx files are not flagged as illegal by vac.... Believe it or not VAC is super selective.. It doesn't ban based on heuristics scans.. No reason to get your pants in a bunch :D
  14. You can not defeat hackers, so why even try? Creating new systems to counter hacking always leads to more problems for your legit players, sometimes it doesn't even work... VAC is a good example.. I use to report hackers, but then I took an arrow to the knee.. The "arrow" is the lack of response from Trendyent in regards to whether any action is taken against the hacker.. Clearly nothing happened, as the hacker who shall not be named is still playing today.. Not vacced or banned in anyway.. VAC does make a good placebo affect for those that doesn't know any better.. Leave the current st
  15. a) not forced to buy b) if you buy on day 1, you get to play it sooner than if you buy it later. (stupid sentence is stupid) a) On the contrary, completionist are in the mindset that they must have every available content.. UMF is already the top map to farm, so therefore if you want to be competitive you are forced to get warping core pack no matter what. b) As if that even matters, the warping core set is a joke, the superloot I get off of survival wave 25 on any map is better than zamira (or w.e. it is) You should never buy anything because the price will always go down at some point i
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