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  1. What ever happened to getting a loot filter?
  2. there is a lot of supreme pets out there but i dont think you will get one from a reword you may get it from the tavren shop after doing some survival runs Negatives stats are intended design. They are not a result of some mythical cap that the numbers rollover. I'd certainly like negs to be less prolific, but they aren't an accident.
  3. Agree. Also, I suppose the Ultimate stuff is going to be plagued with the stats roll-over we see even in Mtyhical items, isn't it? Or are they going to do something about it? "Stat rollovers" aren't an actual thing.
  4. If it's just armor then this will be the ultimate farming character seeing as weapons causes most armor to despawn.
  5. enemy i thought would be awesome would be zombies, they would spawn around 20 zombies on a random side all at once. plus if they kill your hero a new zombie would appear there. This next one would be a bit over powered when not on NM though... another anti-hero enemy that copy's your hero, with stats and weapons. the damage would be reduced my 50% so they won't kill you instantly. that enemy would make for some crazy PVP map enemies. also it would be fun to fight yourself. that last idea would create an enemy that would rip through everything with even half damage.
  6. You're a terrible poster and I have literally never seen you post something that isn't overly antagonistic crap.
  7. The gear max is weird. I was messing around in local and it's roughly 1 billion(no rollover, just caps regardless). Stats on your hero are a 32 bit integer and will rollover, though.
  8. It seems kind of silly that it takes less XP from 79-80 than for 78-79 or even 77-78. Also, please don't increase 80-83 xp levels because of this :p
  9. I think the summoner might be great for dps. 2 pets at once? Yuuuusssss
  10. No need to think about it, iam well aware about what i have written. I have highlite u a part of ur text that makes even more clear why i have written what i have. The point is this tool is in fact something like the D2 Maphack from Mouse, awseome work to be honest went a lot of effort into it so did in this tool. And iam the first to say NEED for something like this becaus to pickup "loot" in DD is just ... lets say less than ideal. I would love such a tool a lot, hell even give it the possibility to pick up stuff that meet the filter settings automaticlly and to prevent massive ninja looti
  11. The progression from Insane to Nightmare definitely calls for a difficulty in between.
  12. Trendy is handling the rollout of these changes really poorly. Too much power creep too fast is bad and the xp ramp getting silly after level 70 was really pretty pointless. I'm definitely not looking forward to another level cap increase.
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