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  1. I don't have anywhere enough gold to do this yet, but I like this idea. It should be meant only for people that have absolutely nothing left to do, so maybe 50-100k per extra mission?
  2. Yes please. I can't stand people who join my game and just move an inch or two every few minutes to make sure they don't get kicked.
  3. I would love for a jukebox to be placed in the tavern that plays all of the DD2 and DD1 music, especially the DD1 music. I personally thought the music in that game was fantastic.
  4. Yep, that's definitely the one. Sadly you can only get it for beating it on Nightmare. v.v So, I should get one in a few years. Thanks for the help.
  5. I couldn't find the weapon on the wiki. It's a huntress weapon. It's some sort of gun that has floating crystals around it. What is it called, and how can I get one?
  6. Crap, I just realized that I didn't put a title in my email like it told me to. Do you think it'll be alright, or will I have to re-submit another email?
  7. I've already sent Trendy an email, but I was wondering, did they mean I couldn't sign on to my steam account, or just sign in to Dungeon Defenders while I wait?
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