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  1. Great event! Thanks Mae. I don't think the event was too easy. A lot of people participate who don't have the best gear or the highest levels.
  2. These wands are the BOSS. Knocked 40 dudes at once off the ledge ramparts. Sweeps the whole freaking floor on Monsterfest with nine projectiles. Seventeen thousand damage with knockback and my not great armor. Thanks event crew.
  3. So there's a chance they will go on forever :DDDD lol Nah, the sun only has another 6.5 billion years unless we move to another planet
  4. Are both the items related to the picture or do we get another hint?
  5. Best: When I got the Chicken Trophy. So many higher level guys didn't have it. I was like 72 or 73 at the time. Funniest: When I first started playing I got caught with the wrong weapon for the final wave of Misty Mire insane. UncleVern caught it, and it was hilarious. "You so stupid" "What you going to do with that, build tower. We no need your tower, your tower no good". Of course he was just having fun, he and his brother could carry the whole board easily anyway. Worst: Got cheated out of two 100+ pieces of armor for a duped item.
  6. Nobody played squire dps, or monk dps or apprentice tower so they filled gaps. I don't see any other big gaps. Maybe an attacking pet for lower levels for leveling but that's it. And even if you don't participate in the event you still are affected because of trades and group play.
  7. I think what has been done so far is well thought out. Before the glaive I saw no one playing DPS monk now a couple people do, sam e with DPS squire. Hopefully this new item will help with the issue of no one playing tower apprentice. The only other thing I would like to see is a return of some of the old event pets , maybe with some different flair.. There are so many duped skittles, laser robots and ultimate defenders it would be great to be able to get a real one and know it's real.
  8. I was 73 it was from a chest on Misty. I have pulled 2 or 3 from non reappearing chests on Misty, and a couple from the shop, the rest from spires and ramparts Only trick I know is get a build that goes up fast so you have time to open chests between waves.
  9. Don't sell your stuff you can stop by once in a while. Thanks for your help with my tower squire and tower monk.
  10. etrianodysseyIII I always like to see new builds.
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