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  1. Rollbacks will start next week, they'll be done in a batch. It's unfortunate, but it's to ensure we get everyone done in one swoop.
  2. I waited all day the for fix for the missing shard, welp :( next time maybe !
  3. Yes they are aware and they are working on a fix, i'm not playing in case they are doing a rollback on our account or something.
  4. You are right OP, the update vanished all my shard equiped on my characters.
  5. Shard missing still not fixed for me.
  6. Boss stuck still not fixed Geode in C5 still not fixed how the hell this was not a priority I just lost a game like this at the last wave, random Geode spawn and reflect all projectiles and destroy my own defenses , i can't defend myselft because i have the perma silence and need to kill myself, i try to come back but the assassins jump on me before i can do something ... i'm not gonna touch any projectile defenses until it's fixed
  7. I really don't have hope anymore in them, i mean PDT needed a nerf but wow you went way overboard on it like always ( 900k dps to 70k LOL c4-c5 gears good luck killing anything with those ) , the only remaining viable towers for C3 and beyond are now the Flamethrower/Ramster/Skyguard and all this after 6 month of intense balancing, amazing Trendy.
  8. Squire wall + PDT + DPS witch I have to kill all the shields myself
  9. I dropped a 5.2k relic in C4 fully upgraded to 6 k so yes your are doing something wrong Take 1 dps and 3 builders, give the builders every single upgrade, green , blue whatever even if it's +10 to increase you "invisible ipwr" just keep the important relic for you towers and little by little you'll see better gears on the ground
  10. Wait the ascension levels are not account bound ? like in Diablo 3 ?
  11. Yep happen to me too today, did the same map like 5 times in a row in C4 but the last time, a skeleton boss was like " nop don't care" and walked up over my wall
  12. Chaos 3 is just way too annoying to play running around to destroy the shield bot non stop, the tower should be able to break the shield after a set number of damage
  13. They went a little to crazy with Abyss lord price, 5 USD would have been much better for players to get the hero and play again (while keeping 12K medal price) , a lot of my friends wanted to check to new hero but when they saw the price .... yeah
  14. What a surprise, in every single F2P game when something cost money in them is released, these people must create a thread to complain because they don't want to put a single dollar in them while playing for hundred of hours, and they even try to make sense too, hilarous.
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