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  1. Hey Event Team could you try to make a event Chicken gun? Sounds like a willing event to have, it hasn't been made yet just the thought of it is amazing. Probably small as a shiny white color with amazing damage but no negative projectile speed because that would just ruin it enough to see the chicken fly out.
  2. Not really. Everything even on insane+ for Boss Rush is random just like Sky City.
  3. Could any one please lend me a High upgrade Melee pet at least above 70+ for level 83, I'll give you 100+ plate boots with all 4 tower stats. After the event this upcoming week end I can give back the pet...Thank you!
  4. I pulled this Level 74 Soul Focuser with 113 Upgrades a couple weeks back does about 10K Base Damage with my Tower Huntress. Later I got it pre-patched too. I'm just wondering is this the highest Soul Focuser pull for 74?
  5. wow same idea ,____, hoping to be the only 69 chooser :C
  6. Nice taking out the Soul focusers tired of the super fast easy runs using a Pre-Patch soul focuser.
  7. Their both equal my opinion. The Oculus has splash damage but I prefer the Undying Rod because its Buck shot is incredible for crowd control.
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