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  1. I really only know a little about programming, but if they were to use the same method that determines what gear is useful to a player, which I assume is a couple booleans combined with more complex functions... Yes or no to whether or not the item is intended for the player's current class and yes or no for whether or not it is more useful than their current gear... They might be able to automatically distribute items to those who need / would want it more than those who just want to make additional money. Also, I can't help but wonder how players gain experience points... Can you team up with a bunch of level 70 friends and afk while they do all the work against high level monsters? Is there a cap of exp you can based on the monster's level and your team's average level? They did something like that in Final Fantasy 11. So you could not speed level your way to lv 75. *the cap a the time I played* They fixed the fact that it could be hard to find groups to gain EXP by adjusting everyone's level in the party to the lowest level player.
  2. Dear Devs, Can you please make it easier to get into games? I'm new and have low level characters and for whatever reason there seems to be no incentive to play with a level 1-10ish, because I have been getting kicked out of every game before we left the Tavern hub world. Yes it's not related to player skill! *f***in' trolls!* The obvious way for me to solve this is to join up with friends and level our characters simultaneously. However, I would like to play publicly so I could make new friends. Unfortunately it seems that everyone is out to level their own characters and take as much loot as they can get, which leaves socially conscious players like me in the crappy half of a prisoner's dilemma. I'm damned if I look out for my own desires because I could get kicked for being selfish, but I still have to put up with other players being selfish... The only thing I know to solve this is to make my own games, but then I have to kick everyone who plays selfishly and then its not even about playing Dungeon Defenders as much as it is about the emergent game of kick the d*** who stole my sh**! TLDR; I need more play restrictions to properly enjoy the basic content of your game because right now I get kicked before I even get a chance to play and have to put up with selfish players.
  3. Hmm... I should consider Unreal for my future projects then. Ok. I think i'll gift it then. Thanks again!
  4. Yoink! He's not wearing pants! O.o; Seems like a nod to Ghost n' Goblins... Which is pretty cool. I think I need to stop beating around the bush and just say that what I'm really looking for is a less ****ty female character. >.>;
  5. I gave the proof of tech game a try and it wasn't bad. I guess my main fears are that it'll be too much of a commitment to enjoy because of the RPG and collection elements. When really I want a quick fun to play experience. Leveling systems are usually just an easy way to add alleged longevity to a game when really I like it when I can access all my abilities from the start. I really wish the devs would walk through what a traditional play experience is like. Yes there's a build phase and combat phase and the monsters come in multiple waves, but does it end? Is there a reason why I will want to come back? Am I expected to put a butt load of hours each time I sit down to play? I feel like these things are left unanswered. Plus I hate having to wait on others to play and not being able to pause also blows...
  6. What's hilarious about having demos for games is the sheer amount of people who never even play the damn demo! Let alone let the download finish... Yet again both are statistical averages and it's a huge reason why most devs don't bother making demos.
  7. I've been checking Dungeon Defenders out a fair bit lately since I saw it through Steam and it looks like it'll be a cool game, but Tower defense action games seem to be a dime a dozen now a days with games like Orcs Must Die, Trenched and Monday Night Combat. It even reminds me of the free to play Dragon's Nest. Despite the gameplay seeming drastically different. With all these other games out there why I should buy your game? P.S. How the hell can you afford to port a downloadable title to so many different platforms!? I've never even heard of you guys or your publisher! O.o;
  8. Yes this game doesn't seem to take itself too seriously and yes sex sells, but will you consider adding an armor unlockable skin for the Huntress? You know more than cloth because that doesn't seem too combat efficient. Think Leather armor like this or better . :huntress: Also why is the huntress the only female? You've went to the trouble to port this game to every system under the sun and yet it seems like you aren't considering a female audience at all. Rather, it seems like you aren't considering expanding your player demographic despite the potential this game seems to have. Perhaps you could put gender options for each of the classes? Even if it's transgender! XD Personally I'd like to see the monk in a wig and make up, but to each their own!
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