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  1. i like posts like these, constructive and respectful, especially when the forums are full of whinny and disrespectful posts. i thank you sir, keep this spirit.
  2. read this https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/145892/see-answer
  3. read this https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/145892/see-answer
  4. i kill rollers with less than 5 seconds. monk+ hero damage+ crit damage+ sandstorm pet ability+ heroic boost skill = dead roller. you need two important shards for your chest piece= power gambit+ heroic power. also beacon of the storm helps dealing with adds,
  5. come on guys it's just a map and a weapon, and its not like it will be exclusive forever, it's for two or three months max, let the xbox fans have their fun, we had our fun for 2+ years.
  6. Yeah, I'm thinking he has quite a few levels on me for that kind of damage output. For reference, my Sky Guard has, when all is set and done, a Defense Power of 6,285. That stat doesn't even come close to being able to handle C3. I am having success with Sky Guard towers. Sounds like you are running better gear than me, however, I am using different stats. *Mark* -5058 Critical Damage -2108 Defense Health -2108 Defense Speed *Shards* -15% Critical Chance (I probably don't need this since it only gives me 3% more Critical Chance) -Increase Defense Health by 34% -Increase Defense Power b
  7. i collected 100 chaos 3 shards before the patch, and i opened them after the patch. and i got 6 deadly strike out of them, its just RNG, it has nothing to do with medals or gems.
  8. having a huge range would mean that aoe towers would beat single target towers in every given scenario, which is unhealthy from a balance perspective, how would you balance something that can target 10 mobs at the same time and covers a large area? you simply can't.... all other towers have vertical range which mean they should be put in a strategic locations and target certain mobs that are in the way...etc while aoe towers don't have this issue... just slap them on the ground and you are done to cover a whole lane without the fear of it being destroyed or miss some enemies due to vertical
  9. its shards after all, it's not gear... so it's not p2w in any way. it's just as they said once there is 10 chaos and more in the future, it'll be a good way for people to catch up fast, instead of playing every chaos difficulty to collect all the shards. also you get 5 shards pack for buying it ( if i'm not mistaken) instead of 1 pack as you mentioned
  10. i kill stuck rollers in 30 seconds, or less. HD+HC monk, with beacon of the storm shard, heroic wave and sandstorm ability, ranged attack for 20 seconds and he'll be dead fast.
  11. +1 totally agree, i think it should be replaced with boost aura range gambit, BA at its current state is worthless and very small.
  12. i think its fun to farm for shards, so i like it to be the way it is. however, essential shards like range, defense rate..etc which effect all towers should be CAMPAIGN shards not tied to chaos difficulty, that is the only thing i want it to be changed, otherwise i'm fine with it, i like grinding. i'm lvl 370 right now, i have 4 Range. 0 Defense rate. 6 vampiric. 1 power transfer. 6 explosive guard. i started to sell every V.E shard i get along with Explosive guard, they drop too much for me. i need Def Rate ASAP :(
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