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  1. ive been playing mine since over a week now i got the codes about two weeks ago
  2. i have 2 codes in the link from the page one says dd1 2012 collection and has a really long code and then there's a short code with the name KS 2012 collection.
  3. they prob ordered millions of those orange glasses with our money there will be no game hahahahaha!
  4. all i care about is that the challenge maps have our current level so if we are on nightmare level the challenge maps should be harder too but dropping the gear at our current level.
  5. the early bird came back with 1 dollar more of cost then before but the thing is when should we expect the code or is it instantly since that game is out?
  6. according to Gabriel Iglesias (comedian) It's Fluffy not Chonkayyyy! :)
  7. Amazing! This comment is music to my ears.
  8. I seen the early bird bonus which give you all the dlc from dungeon defenders original and the question is does the higher versions provide that also or was it only the 15 dollar version? I want to buy the one with 2x copies of platform of choice for my desktop and laptop or ps4 maybe idk but I do want to get back to dd1 because I officially quit dd2 because of this.
  9. BTW Epic Games a.k.a Fortnite creators who do cross-play already owns Unreal Engine so I would say really good chance for this.
  10. Unreal Engine is what helps fortnite do its cross-play and the answer is yes about account transfer with it because they are using the exact same engine now and from ps4 to pc is possible but ps4 to switch might not be because sony might refuse to team up with nintendo from what i heard a while back xbox in the other hand no problem vice versa friend but yeah sony users might possibly get the wrong hand in this involving cross-play with everything else but pc.
  11. I am not 100 percent sure but this prob is a thanks to unreal engine owners Epic Games trying to make the gaming community cross-play friendly. But yes my friend this is indeed some good news but bad new at the same time because i really got into dd2 farming and now it is a joke.
  12. so where is my refund or is the whole thing of not shutting it down but slowing it down to prevent refunds?
  13. so no more defense council i assume? my title is gone.
  14. i got a message using a quick link to the page saying im being hacked or something is wrong with the page must be because of new page?
  15. game.exe so uncheck administrator launch and that could have been your problem
  16. hey if u still have problems i figured something out that causes this if you run your game in administrator it doesnt let the launcher play your game it gives you the cant use dd2launcher.exe error
  17. that was a carnival event item it only give u stats for a few but nothing crazy it barely does much tbh more for looks.
  18. so let me get this straight if I add fire servo it makes the damage into magical fire damage? like perhaps i add it to a ballista will it turn its damage to magic or will it just be fire physical damage if that makes any sense. lol :)
  19. I don't think frostbite work on frosty enemy's. They can not be slowed or frozen?
  20. So is he an orc and a frosty mob? If so can I put anti-frost and anti-orc damage boosts together to do a combine damage boost to them? It is the only lane I hate atm with headstrong and controlled burn in onslaught.
  21. same but i just try to delete shards i dont plan to use saves me some space but not enought tbh especially when you want guilded shards to prevent reset pain in the butt because you going to have to delete something.
  22. yeah i understand but what i meant was that before they would be all on top of responding within no time now it is like hey who are you? lol
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