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  1. Has anyone figured out how to defeat her easily? I get one shotted by her in massacre but I havent really messed around with her she drops a lot of loot sometimes very bad and sometimes good enough loot but other then that towers can not hit her so if you guys do not mind sharing some tips thanks.
  2. i want to see this because 3 should be max can u post it
  3. that's what i said pure stragety is actually the hardest since you only watch and can not help at all so it should be the highest increase in loot difference besides the actual difficult level boost for gear.
  4. as it says is there any info on what is a pets max level and highest roll on a stat based on difficulty? This way we know we rolled a maxed out pet. Just in case someone does not understand I am trying to see what is the max value of item pet level possible to be rolled based on massacre/nightmare/massacre HC/nightmare HC etc.. and max of pet stats not tower or hero stats but pet stats for him/her self. sorry for the confusion in advanced.
  5. im having this actually happened to me not all maps i can play on mix mode but i have summit on nightmare unlocked but not the ones before it which makes no sense at all
  6. that is the highest amount of levels i ever seen on a dragon lol is that from HC Nightmare on survival>?
  7. wait what how is it possible the dragon does 2mill? holy i tried the pet idea before with the monkey king but he only does like 100k so it wasnt worth much. Can you screen shot your dragon.
  8. i manage to beat all waves but i am not sure how to deal with the boss in massacre it is hard as it is but how do you deal with coptors ogre and boss oh and those spiders just ruin everything but any tips are welcomed.(must beaten him is preferred)
  9. its a bug i assume the siren does have that but theres times when the siren isnt there and they have it the physical res buff and its so nasty on ogres its not even fair tbh or sharks makes them so hard to kill
  10. I been solo since the beginning I am currently at massacre act 2 solo. I think you might be doing something wrong and I do not have a full dps character.
  11. and gold they said with a cap on it and that should be very possible but gear is not guaranteed and most likely wont make it over.
  12. It was a joke lol aura ruins him but i thought it was funny he moved an object from the map.
  13. yeah this could be frustrating after a long day of farming i would assume it only had 2 tower stats when it has 4 but it looks so weird.
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