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  1. just wondering ive been wanting to afk in survival and have a program press g for me so i can walk away if i need to is this allowed and not get banned or marked cheater?
  2. well dont reward a golden pet and survival is actually easier so it would be the easier version of mix mode. if youre in it for the xp survival would be easier for that. idk my opnion.
  3. since i started using them i noticed my towers floating and other towers moved to a different location with no shark near them not sure if its known issue or not.
  4. I personally would think when hitting replay button on maps a option that should come up is build all towers from last run in the same location without upgrades should be implemented into the game would be a huge QOL.
  5. Just wondering will this ever be a thing? It saves time from rebuilding the map over and over.
  6. sorry not asking im telling that my towers seem to ignore enemies affected by gas traps making the rune useless from taking more damage unless another type of trap is nearby being triggered to do the increased damage.
  7. why does gas traps make towers ignore those enemies they can be the last 4 on the map with no other enemies around and still wont get targeted is that intended? wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the max target cap on rune taking more damage since they wont even get targeted unless its other mines or auras.
  8. is it me or supreme rarely drops at all and if it does its usually not fusion gear more on off hand stuff like shields
  9. Is it just me or rarely anyone hosting lobbies anymore did everyone go private or is there something wrong?
  10. I'm sure he's referring to the dps if you look closely the dps dont change when on buff beam and when it is not the damage does go up though so maybe its just a tool tip error.
  11. Not sure if this is a known issue but here ill have a image to show.
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