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  1. they usually do tuesdays because of steam's way of releasing patches.
  2. what is geforce now? im using geforce with the app to optimize my games is that what you are talking about?
  3. month almost over and nothing not even a mention about its release kinda of a bummer how everything is so delayed with the info of release of content.
  4. lol bro this literally happened to me couple hours ago too!
  5. It's march boys so when does the update drop I'm getting anxious about it!!!
  6. its an upgrade for the armor stat you will have to upgrade like 2-3 times for another stat first then that will open up
  7. well if they only drop on wave 25 they should be as good as the mista mine pet the only reason is 25 takes forever to get there and rock is only 15 which is much easier to get so 25 for giraffe with better or just as good on stats is fair the fact u waited till 25 and its not like they drop at 15 that takes half the time it does just doing the other 10 waves
  8. i used cheat engine in the beta and it worked and i kinda thought about how people can modify the values too and i hope its still not possible but who knows i dont want to try it tbh but i been noticing ogres running like fucken assassins so thats not normal gameplay i assume?
  9. you know i never looked at task but i did noticed some random fps drops when there is high enemy count even though it should be easy and smooth to handle the game it seems it is taking a lot more power to run the game atm.
  10. the apprentice boosts actually boosts nearby towers not hero
  11. yep i had it happen to me before patch i had gone into inventory and i couldnt do nothing or get out of it.
  12. what the title says and i noticed this is both on survival and campaign modes i've never got a chest from that map and seen someone else say the same thing so for now i suggest avoiding the map for survival people.
  13. Just wondering I noticed that we have nightmare locked but it is in the game already why not just unlock it insane was way too easy to get to and beat I remember i spent most of the time in nightmare where you needed to wait for that one good piece to drop to make things easier at least for me. Give us nightmare mode? lol
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