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  1. I played on ps3 a lot with the dlc they did have and i never got performance issues at all ever.
  2. I just hope all those gear ranks you mentioned are back in some type of way if it goes the dd2 route with those ranks in gear i wouldnt mind but just dd2 gear alone nah wack!
  3. I mean I'm pretty sure it is going to be in the game again but will it be in the same ranks or will it only drop now in the higher difficulty or what is everyone's opinion on it?
  4. yeah, that fixed it thanks! @Ice
  5. it's the same one I never used a different one plus i just checked it is the same but I will do that.
  6. I went to the edit profile section but the title selection column is not there at all its empty space.
  7. as long as kicking should only be in private matches why make a pub if you do not want people to join? Some people abuse kicking for the dumbest things so I understand you want equal level but in that case make it private there is too many toxic hosts kicking player's for silly things. A minimum cap for Item power would be good but then like you said someone with crappy high gear could either ruin it by not being able to dps a lane to help it out and just being dead weight or joining with crappy tower stats and building random towers ruining the lane. idk lol
  8. naw man i beat the maps legit and grinding for the gear I only use cheat engine on single player games for the speed up some games are very slow when playing with emulators that is what i have it for tbh.
  9. i was able to do this with just cheat engine change the values easily simple tool to use too i made the aura go around the entire map with it and i only did this to test it out on how people said its so easy to hack into the game so yeah it is true I reverted back to where i was after i like grinding so i hope this is not possible during full game will ruin my hope for this game.
  10. ive been playing mine since over a week now i got the codes about two weeks ago
  11. i have 2 codes in the link from the page one says dd1 2012 collection and has a really long code and then there's a short code with the name KS 2012 collection.
  12. they prob ordered millions of those orange glasses with our money there will be no game hahahahaha!
  13. all i care about is that the challenge maps have our current level so if we are on nightmare level the challenge maps should be harder too but dropping the gear at our current level.
  14. the early bird came back with 1 dollar more of cost then before but the thing is when should we expect the code or is it instantly since that game is out?
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