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  1. Is it just me or rarely anyone hosting lobbies anymore did everyone go private or is there something wrong?
  2. I'm sure he's referring to the dps if you look closely the dps dont change when on buff beam and when it is not the damage does go up though so maybe its just a tool tip error.
  3. Not sure if this is a known issue but here ill have a image to show.
  4. Does anyone know of what drops in what map and the rolls it can recieve? I've been doing the keep and I only see the mask accessory drop and sometimes a bracer but that's it. I think one time a brooch dropped but they seem so rare.
  5. if you press enter or if ur on a different console whatever the chat button is it shows what damages or destroys the core.
  6. How can one tell if they are flagged?
  7. i always play solo i joined one public game for the keep to see how they build and after that i cant find nothing on browser I didnt even get a warning about hacker flag or if im even flagged im going based of his comment of not seeing the browser games.
  8. so the only way i was able to get to boss was having 10k stats with the build and only upgrading some wisps so not all of them have range to hit ogres from far away that way the low range hit the smaller creeps this way easy to get to boss but impossible for me to beat because I have to have a perfect run or I die in one shot because of the big oh buff he got.
  9. naw man the sets for fusion gear are only for that hero not all heros in deck you would need to get the new arcanist set from the keep that has the ability to have two fused towers on one hero one of them being tower 1 and then whatever the rest of the gear is will also be fused but each hero only has 1 tower fused with fusion damage for their own towers not for all hero deck.
  10. I focused more on range and it did get a bit better even with the nerf on wisp but like everyone else said they seem to still have issue targeting mobs i seen an ogre walk up to core untouched when there was not many mobs around so idk why wisp just ignored it and shortly after i lost for the same reason.
  11. Dude I was running on 9k on my highest toon for main stats its literally impossible for me to get to the boss now and i am a solo player with your stats yeah very possible but for me I never play in groups so i have to do a lot more to get into the higher stats I am very annoyed because i dont play rogue or squire i love to play on monk dps so i can't win.
  12. Idk about this it's pretty bad kinda useless on big maps now for the wisp it just brings back the old meta DST I may be wrong but it seems like the hero is useless now. I wouldn't use as dps hero so idk...
  13. I really wish they they not mess with this pets stats like the whole point of earning a giraffe was to use it for a builder only toon and now that is not the case it took the rarity of it away when you mention giraffe everyone thinks oh tower only builder I just want it back....
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