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  1. Here to All u might think Like ddace its hack , which is not , i upgraded myself, and someone was in my tavern when it was lvl 1 and 9 http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/540754448999633678/F7F8F0DF06F6DBF47A42970D62A01AE120544FA4/ If curtisgk has a 373 upgrades and 182k only ult so mine which is ult++ has 408 upgrades and has 200k , which is 448 damage per upgrade i dont understand how u can even say its hack Its not just the dmg ... all stats can be hacked and i am pretty sure he wont tell you the exact thing, that is hacked but ddace knows what he is talking about.
  2. BaraCuda

    WTB armor

    hi i think i have a pawn shot laying around in my tavern. double capping ulti with nice sides ~350 ( capped on dmg and rate ). ill post a screen shot if i get to it later.
  3. 8 on ulti 2 if it passes ic
  4. Thank you :) I take monk set :) ill take the last set than and look if i can use somthing and give the rest away, chawkball your choice first xD
  5. Thanks pjtor, great auction. You sure love your adept screenies :D If t-bone takes monk, can I grab app set? If he doesn't can I grab monk set? Ps. Saying this because I've seen barracudas app set :o much 7k stats Ill be honest here. I only took the monk set because of the magicite and no one before me wanted it. @ Chawkball yes i have some really high stats on my chars and im not in need of any of the sets. Sure the squire set could have been an upgrade but i was too late and even then i would let it go because other people could use it much better than i do. If i should get the monk
  6. finally ... 20 cubes value in dimonds and cubes depends on how you value them ( i have 2 single cap and 1 no cap )
  7. Also on open / old one practice but if needed i can do it on ranked too but just didnt have the time if the sets are still avaliable i would bid on the monk set
  8. hey guys sorry for not responding for so long. i wont probably be able to trade or test something on the weekend but i will be back on sunday evening, maybe monday afternoon. at that point i will end it. i value the offerd spraus ( if it take it or not, no time to test it till now cause ihave a lot of work to do) at 4 cubes. so current offer is Tora with 5 cubes value.
  9. hmmm ... i am thining about hit... some more ups would still be nice
  10. hey welcome to the forum! before you get stuff offered you should maybe explain where you got the wealth to buy multiple ulti tower sets for more than 100+ cubes with only 68h ingame
  11. Hi I recently got this nice steam saw. I would like to trade if for a Monk Wrench with the same amount, or more ups and nice stats or a opsidian Sparus with also same amount of up and nice stats. I am willing to add cubes / dimondes / items to the trade for really nice pieces. If i you dont want the saw but have a nice weapon anyway just post it here and we can discuss a price if i am interessted. if nobody has a weapon normal auction rules apply. Cubes Dimonds only ( 4 no cap / 8 single cap / 15 double cap TDMG + TRate/THp ) Please keep the bid increasements reasonable. Post your S
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