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  1. Interfere? I don't know what you're talking about =D
  2. Alrighty, the auction will end midnight EST.
  3. Bump. If nothing else happens in the next couple of days I'll end it then.
  4. These pieces are just collecting dust in my box and they are pretty nice pieces that deserve new characters so... I accept coal/cubes/diamonds at a 6:1 and 5/10/15 in value. Diamonds must not be upgraded and I will accept small diamonds with nice colors at 7CV. Don't really care all that much for events. #1 http://imgur.com/lhRvsDC CO: Marceline 15CV #2 http://imgur.com/jhH02kF CO: BellyFlopRussian 6CV #3 http://imgur.com/xuO0BA9 CO: #4 http://imgur.com/5ZUhtX6 CO: Black Mamba 10CV #5 http://imgur.com/ekOJjIC CO: nasteboyii 8CV #6 http://imgur.com/L9jpRNp CO: nasteboyii 8CV
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