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  1. Allow the hero who opens the chest to receive the loot. What I mean is in nm1 I have good enough gear to win with my dps character playing but not my builder. I want to get builder items especially a weapon. So I tried to open the box on my app and I got huntress gear which is my dps hero. I think you should change it to reflect who opens the box not who you play on the map. Especially since it seems you lowered the chance to get other heros affixes on loot because all weekend I only got huntress stuff.
  2. With betsy does she have a static click? or does she share with other dragons. if she shares with the other dragons can anyone point me to a list of the all the dragon clicks
  3. There is a difference. With trading you are skipping nm1-nm3 but you have the gear to do nm4. With the current system you are incentivized to ruin a few runs of a public nm4 game and pick up some scraps to skip to nm4. Its like in marvel heroes before the gate to cosmic mid town. people would go stand around and make cosmic mid town unfun to both them and the people around them to get a bunch of uniques they could get elsewhere. Thats why I suggested a gating mechanic where you have to beat certain maps to be able to go up to the next one.
  4. Hearty blockade is on a ton of the slots. The patch said the scaling was reduced to 5%. Does that mean I can only have 5% spread between my items or does that mean I can only have 5% on each item? How does drenched work? If I have a geyser in a physical lane will all physical towers do more damage or will just one tower shot do more damage. Do the protective / explosive guard ubers work on auras / traps?
  5. Bug report ingame isn't working for me and I don't wanna forget about this. Sorry for the bad cropping from imgr. The invisible lip of the ledge I am sitting on right here block projectiles fired from on the ledge. So if mobs are near that lock box they wont be hit by towers. harps miss all the way to the boost.
  6. I agree that the current system has an incentive to skip to nm4 and that is an unfun feeling for everyone involved. I suggest some kind of gating mechanic like before you can do nm2 you have to do X nm1 maps or even every map like was suggested earlier. I think trading needs to hurry up though as the current loot system is beyond trash especially for my play style. I only play with at least one of person I know. We split up the rolls and stuff. I can't count how many times we bitterly joked about oh I bet you wish they implemented trading. We are only up to the later insane maps and tryi
  7. Gold will eventually be to crazy to trade with because I already have 1m and I have a 28 and a 35 hero. There just aren't enough ways to remove large amounts of gold from the economy with out making enchanting stupid expensive. I suggest you make wyvern tokens and any other secondary currency you plan to put in trade able. These should be leaving the economy like coal did in dd1. A newer player could get a decent drop and decide to trade it and get an earlier uber. Long time players could buy betsy eggs or keys for lock box gambling. As you add more items to buy to the tokens you will re
  8. My first daily quest is to do incursion but I am only level 22. I can't get through one wave of incursion and I can't reroll the quest for some reason. I was able to when I first got it but the next day I couldn't. My brother finished one quest but hasn't got another. Why do we even have 3 quests slots in the daily if we can only have one?
  9. The difference is you don't need to trash a perfect stat legendary item because it doesn't have + range on it. If I had to choose I would rather have the skill spheres.
  10. only thing that stops me from doing that is the pure annoyance of betsy's level with her curse fields making me have to rebuild which is obnoxious. Dont build on the ground? She cant curse the player only spots and trendy was VERY generous with them on her map they line every single lane almost. I use harpoons and build two clusters on the stumps where she spawns the bridge no need for auras outside of boost. A goblin or two might make it past if she speeds them and they have the luck of god on their side but thats what the player is for.
  11. I am trying to decide on my first uber I know what flame tower and canon ball upgrade to from the stream but does anyone know what electric and explosive upgrade to? I tried to google and forums search and didn't find the answer.
  12. I think its just the new maps having less "good" mobs for drop rates ramparts is still dropping on avg a legendary a run no where near that for the others. More like 1/3 runs. Betsy should be able to drop her egg to.
  13. To bad I have so many eggs that some are going to go rotten because they hatch to slow. Although those were from yesterday and in 3 maps I got 1 today so maybe they fixed the problem. I don't think you should be able to hatch them all instantly like dde but I think an hour an egg or removing the rotten timer would be better.
  14. Maybe its false pattern recognition on my part and its just a jboots are slower this patch style thing but. Drop rates seem incredibly streaky and lower in the newest patch. I am at the point where all of my characters can only get an upgrade with a legendary item and when you can do 3 hard incursion betsys and don't get one it disheartens you. When I was farming incursion ramparts hard prepatch I would get like 4 legendaries in one run and 0 for 2-3 runs and then multiple legendaries again. When you want to min max your armor you need a flood of legendaries because most are badly rolled. You
  15. A few times I have tried to get people to do incursion maps with me and the few times I have found someone it was a huge hassle to get into the same private tavern. You also cant join game people from the steam overlay if they are not in a private tavern so if you find one guy and want to find more good luck they will get bored and go solo. If you could create a party with a simple /invite name then go to the private tavern to pick the map I think more pick up grouping would happen and it would increase the longevity of the game.
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