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  1. hey, I'd like to do a let's play, but I don't hav a mic atm. I'm getting one soon, so if u could hold off a little bit, I'll let u know when I get one! Thanks!
  2. Add me too. Need Ramps+ stuff. PSN: DarkzZ_r34per787 Will be on 12:30 Central Time
  3. ^^ i will confirm that with the bonus. IDK about non-bonus though. never tried.
  4. banned for banning people that ban burger hating people.
  5. Don't junbaos only do fire damage in ranged attacks? If so, I'd put it on melee. But I'd name it something like "Junkees flaming death saber" or "deadly stick of death" or just something stupid like "sunny orange cucumber", cuz it looks like a cucumber but it's orange and it has a glowing thingy in the middle. And if you put it on ranged, name it "banana rifle". LOL.
  6. I can't find a good one anywhere that has all the magic blockades in the right spots. Can anybody show me a good build, either on PSN or on ddplanner?
  7. I need to know this secret build everybody is talking about. It seems that everybody who uses it gets #1 on the leaderboards!
  8. the piece of crap is just for decoration then, isn't it?
  9. Thanks, bro. I might not get online today cuz I have some work to do, but tomorrow around 1, central time. And just to make sure you know, it's still a level 1.
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