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  1. Hmm, I see your point, guess I should look into on what DD2 would be like since I have not seen any news or concrete visuals on what the game play will be;was assuming that it would be like DD1 but with a lot more content.
  2. My main concern is that if the game is not on steam will the memory and content from DD1(that as far as I know of is mainly stored on our steam account) carry over to our account on DD2? I mean, I have put hundreds of hours into the game and would not like to see them just disappear. :-(
  3. Really? 0-0 "Ogres will not spawn, despite the 'Ogre Has Arrived' notification." As said in the wiki. But I do not know anymore. >.> http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Pure_Strategy
  4. I am playing pure strategy in endless spires on nightmare mode and pure strategy and ogres started to spawn. I thought that in PS that ogres do not spawn and when I looked up what PS is and it confirmed that they are not suppose to spawn. Is it a bug or am I just missing something(probably the second one)?
  5. Indeed it is, anyway what kind of stats do you think I would need?(if you can not think of any just try to remember the stats you had when you first did it :D)
  6. Just tried the set up but not on Hardcore mode and it worked! :D never thought about using the minions as the shield instead of the physical beams, and the mage healed them up at a decent rate, though the one at the tavern was a bit slow, some almost died after the wave. Anyway thanks again for the set up, and I was also wondering if this would work for nightmare mode as well.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, have yet to try it yet but sounds good, I do not have a level 74 squire but I think I might be able to make due with some other things, and I have read that gas traps do stop dijnn but I do not see how, what stops them from just destroying it out of its range? Oh, and to respond about the fireball turrets instead of the magic missile, I would have loved to have done that, but I think the DU got maxed before I could...Can not completely remember why. Edit: I saw that in the guide, the right of the crystal is unguarded, do no monsters come from that direction but ins
  8. So my friend and I tried doing Tavern Defense on insane HC so I can unlock survival and pure strategy, that was a bust(hilarious though), he mainly only goes DPS and I can not seem to handle the dijinn, copter duo, meaning I need to go kill the dijnn before they take out my auras, but at the same time I need to go kill the copters before they set down the ogres or else they will wreak any of my other towers :/. I feel as if I can do well if I did not have the small amount of time allotted to us so I can go back and fourth to get a decent set up(other then the physical beam, aura combo with a c
  9. Okay, so i attempted Glitterhelm on Insane PS, and ogres were spawning, I looked over what PS was suppose to be like and it did say that ogres would not spawn. Any reasons? Edit: Also just found out that I can also repair towers during build phase, I checked to see if I really was on PS and it said I was..
  10. Thanks for the idea, Haven't tried it yet(got caught baby sitting) but the idea on pure strategy I will aim for. Didn't know their was no time limit for pure strategy since I never really looked into it(usually went mix mode since that gave me better loot which usually leads to more mana). As for the people who volunteered to help me, thanks :D, but I am the type of person that usually wants to accomplish something the first time by myself or with my brother(who also plays), I do not know why, but I get more of a sense of accomplishment by doing so.
  11. Sorry for the long post.... So I haven been playing at different places to try to level up at a decent rate and I just can not seem to find a good place. I have about five different toons( 74 monk, 75 huntress, 74 app, 82 EV, and 76 Summoner) and all of them are pretty much tower based. I try looking up different places on where might be the best place to level up and the most common answer I saw was Misty Mire and Glitterhelm, saying that I should get about 5-6 mill exp or more in not much time and what not on insane, and a lot more or nightmare(both hardcore), but when I do it I can not se
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