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  1. Sorry, like all my weps they are legit... but you keep enjoying not being banned with you 255 armor Sent from my SGH-I257M using Tapatalk You trying to hard lol you know it and I know it that's all that matters but in the msg I sent you I called it weapons where on there way haha enjoy
  2. like i care Lmao according to your first post you did care. Like a good buddy once told me haters going to hate have a great day guys
  3. Do you mean the one where it showed you using the 3 Omega Shenrons? http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?104443-Morrago-plus-with-3-afks&highlight=bad805 Yes I do I'm glad you remember lol fun times
  4. I do miss some of the old defenders but there is still some great ones here like you buddy, chelseaxoxo, junycy, Ktis13, the man 1994, just met crazy Craig really cool guy so it's still a lot of fun times :)
  5. lol i guess no 1 notice the 255^ armor in the background lol i wonder "how" this guy play LMAO You want to know how I play go look at my post morrago plus with 3 afk way before mods buddy have a nice day lol
  6. I'm looking for leather helmet all towers and maxes out tower damage or prestine gloves the same or plate good resistance and
  7. PS3 or Xbox? He is ps3
  8. Where do you farm these godly giraffes? Survival? Mix mode? Pure strat? Insane+? Lol I need to know Survival insane plus
  9. is it yours/ did u farm it? Yes I did
  10. Almost passed out when I seen it lol
  11. 249 junbao 236 junbao 235 junbao 234 junbao 222 junbao 201 junbao 203 cristknife 201 cristknife 200 cristknife 227 shaitan 216 shaitan 209 shai hulud 201 shai hulud I can't get a rod or oculos over 200
  12. omg bad thats awesome my highest was 135^ girf lucky u bad :) congratz Thanks nakhal
  13. No on back to back runs and they both for 90
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