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  1. R.I.P. Dani, you can't have your beans anymore.
  2. Probably, but good you found your keys.
  3. If somebody backed a 75$ pledge, that would mean they wanted more than a t-shirt. This is also part of what I don't understand, why are there "tiers" to begin with, why not just have a list of options and you pick out your own? Would also make refunding and addressing the issue simplier if there are problems. Also from what I'm aware of "Now imagine how much they would louse out if people from the higher tiers downgraded." doesn't matter as far as businesses go. Limiting your mistakes increase the value of a company, if you didn't want people to refund your product it would be beneficial to limit those reasons somebody would. One of those being; not being able to provide what you stated you could. Small companies usually have an issue with providing material goods. Best scenario would be having a longer wait time to provide the goods. I can't even refund a Steam game becuase I didn't request a refund within their 2 week period, I haven't played the game outside of that period or gone above half of their required play amount. This is a flaw and decreases the value of their company, greed doesn't run companies. As well unfortunately I'm in the same boat and have to wait and see how DD:A will be, DD2 is a disappointment. Hopefully Massacre difficulty is better than DD's Nightmare :D.
  4. On the Pre-Order store; DD:A = 25$, DD:A Soundtrack = 5$, DD:A Strategy Guide = 10$, DD:A Artbook = 5$. Considering this alone with having 2 copies of the game itself including beta is 70$. Multiple signs of recognition as a supporter, In-Game Title: "Etherian Companion", Forum Title: "Squire Supporter", Discord "Backer Role", Forum Title: "Etherian Citizen". There's also an exclusive KS DD:A Squire costume, and a KS Giraffe on a Treadmill for DD:A. If I recall correctly it was the t-shirts being refunded by DD2 gems, which is a 40$ pledge that you can lower or completely refund. Games usually don't go on sale until 1-2 years after release from my experience/see/notice. Nonetheless I don't care about DD2 in any sense and as a purchaser you have plenty of options given to you.
  5. Yeah I haven't played since 2015 and just reinstalled to check what I had.
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039824381/
  7. 1cv 1 coal + 1 mana traced pepega
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039824381/ 1. Arm Guard of Earth 2. Ball Blaster 3. New Patch Celebration Have fun :D
  9. Perhaps, thanks. so um this game like Diablo 3 now [[9507,hashtags]]?? I see iPower 1000 in maps now
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504393598 Ok I played a bit more, and it stopped...
  11. I love that the stacking is intended (and maybe a little overpowered, but I think some diminishing returns wouldn't hurt... maybe 25% less effectiveness on the buff for each tower after the first?) It'd keep it super powerful, but not to where it is now. I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for huntress and monk, though! I'm pumped to see what they'll do for Monk :D
  12. Yeah, good thing we have people here to constantly state the obvious, it's not annoying at all. These conversations are great for the devs reading the forums and we need to continue to have them. We all want DD2 to be as great as DD1 and even greater. Which a minority already feels it's greater I'm sure, but it's far from it. It's improving for some and taking steps back for others. When they make the majority happy, they will have another amazing hit. When they don't, they will have another DDE. Keeping in mind DD1 still has a lot of active payers, that's pretty impressive. Are we only supposed to talk about bugs? No! I can understand why people compare it to DD1, I mean, it's called DD2... but we also need to have a fresh prospective and accept some change. Like me, I am adjusting to no tower speed pretty well. But I feel I still need some kind of map specific rewards to keep me glued to the game. Either way, I will keep playing till it's finally released in it's full entirety. I have enjoyed the new passives a lot, but I feel the critical stats are a bust at the moment, I overlook them and haven't needed them so far. "Come back at retail release to see it in all its glory". Don't do this, you may come back to a game you hate. Stay and provide feedback so the game can change and grow to suit us all. Being said, I'd love Onslaught to have bosses, BUT don't drop loot like isn't that what rewards after each round is for? to survive those rounds but get close to only Golden Egg at 15. Like the bosses on Wave 3 of each round give more loot then the Round ending. Wish this is changed soon :D
  13. Yeah, basically what Kyrn typed. It's not functioning at the moment; that is most likely part of information we can get from it. It also needs to be adjusted too, because once I've did multiplayer we did a map went to Tavern and right when I got in, BAMN new map...I left because I had things to do in Tavern. Also I did another multiplayer later on during that Event for the pet just to have people in, I could do it solo but the chance of getting it increases with more players, and I was having bad luck so I decided to do multiplayer. All I had to say someone wasn't the brightest and Strategy games AT ALL.. Anyways they need to change where you have to agree or something; like that "Stay Together" or "Stay in Match" not sure why it isn't there, perhaps bug, but hopefully when this is put in functionality that shouldn't be a problem for others.
  14. Greystone plaza, you can tell by the dynamite. What I was thinking but forgot there was that "window thingy" for the Ogre. Thanks :D
  15. What map is this????!?!?!!? :OOOOOOO
  16. So I was wondering does Lightning Bug do more damage the more towers it hits?
  17. Guess I didn't play much Pokemon do notice this. This would be very cool if it's added even it's not in beginning game more in mid game it'll be cool. Guess you never got a gyarados, because that was the best way to get one. Have magikarp as your first pokemonOn your first turn, swap it out for your most powerful pokemonStomp the enemy pokemonXP is shared between magikarp and the pokemon who actually did the fightingHonestly if I had it my way, I'd have it so level was account-based, not hero-based. I wouldn't even mind it taking 4 times as long to hit level cap; if I was able to viably gear and use all characters in my hero deck, I'd maybe even actually play the game instead of sitting in the map that gives the most XP AFK while I browse the forums. Gyarados was my favorite pokemon, but seriously I only played a few hours. The game really didn't get my attention at the time I was playing it.
  18. Guess I didn't play much Pokemon do notice this. This would be very cool if it's added even it's not in beginning game more in mid game it'll be cool.
  19. The endgame should not give XP as the endgame is for lvl 50 chars which dont need XP... Someone's already mentioned costumes but I'm also pretty sure pets' affection is exp based as well Oh man my Thunder-0 is like 100 DP+DH, and Affection Level is 20/25?, but it's Power Level is 13/25. I always like to keep my Ham, atm I'm at 6?
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