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  1. "Left it blank cause I skipped several sets of questions because I got sick of the lengthy survey, and had other stuff to do, and only submitted the first part of the survey I answered." Is another option for leaving it blank. There's plenty of things that can be applied for not providing input. Imagine this, everyone who spectates something is required to provide an input, rather than just observing, that would instantly be hectic for a lot of things, and easily able to get off-topic. Lets say these multiple choice are all X; no input would be Y, there's several inputs for X, and several reasons not to provide an input. Jumping to any conclusions because there's an assumption that no input = one thing disregards any other thing and making decisions based off that data is a terrible idea, so it limits the amount of data you can gather with this survey because there's a lack of input options, especially a free response which could provide intuitive and/or straight-forward solutions that are otherwise never brought to day or add to the current feedback of the audience to change and/or fix something to show the amount of importance it has. Additionally sorry if this appears myself to be passive aggressive. Honestly though I'm not particularly pleased it was mainly a satisfactory survey. Say extroverted people are satisfied with groups, and introverts are satisfied when they're isolated. This is only one perspective compared to numerous others that fall into several categories, and personally I find it more often than not introverted people are that way just because of concidence. So if question 1 states an overall 60% satisfaction, that's a good choice if and only if only question 1's choice directly influences that satisfaction, then question 2 could change satisfaction of question 1, etc. This makes it difficult to provide a conclusion because it's satisfactory this, and satisfactory that, there's rarely any objective reasoning to state "why" and to what extent, and what made it this way compared to the other. "I submitted a survey with half of it filled out" vs. "I submitted a survey half filled out because it was making me bored due to the length". This makes it clear that if it was shortened/more engaging/etc it would have been completed, rather than having to guess and check multiple things to reach to this conclusion. Nonetheless it's better than no input most of the time. Yay -_- more text walls, should seriously start giving myself text walls to stop this habit.
  2. Huntress Ability, Adrenaline Rush: Your adrenaline surges, providing you with increased attack rate, movement speed, and jump height. You can only check descriptions in the character creation menu which is a bit whack. You weren't required to provide an answer, I left two blank or so; one for multiplayer balancing(I didn't play multiplayer). There wasn't much choice other than "satisfaction" for an answer to most of the survey, even then there were numerous neutral satisfactions because there were issues and things I liked about one thing. I couldn't particularly give more details about anything, unless what there was only the option to type in the "one biggest thing you'd do to change inventory" or something, which I cluttered up a tad bit already describing how DD1 folders were easier to manage than "this 35 slot tab gets X, this tab gets Y, etc" folders in DD1 had no limitation other than the maximum you were able to hold, which through unlockables is 800 afaik. I also went to talk about how it would be cool to have a filtering option(including dropped items) to practically only show a specific group(rarity, specific stats, amount of said stat, item type, etc?) I'd rather not spend more time looking through unnecessary amount of items and manually applying said filter in your head and accidently make an error and not pick up an item because you at the time didn't think about using it when later on you found a use for it, so typically you can hoard items in DD1 at least. Honestly still waiting for the ability to auto-pickup more stuff in Diablo III even though I haven't played it in 2 years; smh. Especially early game for DD1 you have several dozens of items and filtering that delays gametime a decent amount, and continues practically until you know what you're looking for instantly, or ultimates which don't particularly drop at the rate you'd need an automatic filter. The new HUD they showed in the survey was an actual hud compared to the current one in Beta, so it's self-explanatory(I hope) it's more satisfactory, but my concern is whether or not it has customizability. What if I don't want my "Upgrade, Repair, Sell, Drop Mana, Abilities/Defenses" icons to show at all because I've memorized all of them. Also an "Other: fill in the blank" option could have provided an alternative to state N/A or to include input. Also like what even classifies as a complete survey to be added to the prize pool, mines not really finished as it has like 2 unanswered questions, but they don't apply, also for people who only made 1 hero; there's a solid chunk of questions you can't answer. Lastly even though I played for 89 hours, I haven't played since November; there's no 100+ option.
  3. Aperture Science HPD Mk2; unfortunately doesn't really have any use in the game. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039824381/
  4. Mmmm, subconsciously my favorite would be chilling inside the tavern in Tavern Defense map playing it, no particular reason why I keep visualizing this memory at all as far as I know. One of my good memories is seeing a staff my brother purchased from another shop, proceeded to use (all/most of his mana) to upgrade it, then without EVER using it he accidentally sold it to Tavernkeeper. Last week when I played with him, "I'm still pissed that I sold that staff back then" https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039824381/
  5. I have the hardware to launch 4 DD:A's, currently the graphic settings don't really change my fps at all, it's the memory issue bugs currently that gives me problems. As for the problem, just make Massacre a difficulty that scales with number of players, but this runs into hero deck limitation for solo play, and if not balanced correctly could favor solo or multiplayer play. So not only would you have to 1. Purchase another copy of the game(+DLC) but 2. Emulators are more of a launcher, and/or create multiple instances of the same game to run it/or have multiple electronics(esp. currently no crossplay). They aren't favorable for 2+ inputs from a single person at a time and if you can pull that off, to get 2x-4x loot, that's fair in my mind. Though for DD1 a booster monk was easily macro-able, which is the best I've seen, and no full blown bots automating survivals; so not the best solution but I see it being better if endgame is executed properly.
  6. Possibly, but you'd have to make sure you remember the floor is lava(also that rock the tower stands on you can stand on)
  7. R.I.P. Dani, you can't have your beans anymore.
  8. If somebody backed a 75$ pledge, that would mean they wanted more than a t-shirt. This is also part of what I don't understand, why are there "tiers" to begin with, why not just have a list of options and you pick out your own? Would also make refunding and addressing the issue simplier if there are problems. Also from what I'm aware of "Now imagine how much they would louse out if people from the higher tiers downgraded." doesn't matter as far as businesses go. Limiting your mistakes increase the value of a company, if you didn't want people to refund your product it would be beneficial to limit those reasons somebody would. One of those being; not being able to provide what you stated you could. Small companies usually have an issue with providing material goods. Best scenario would be having a longer wait time to provide the goods. I can't even refund a Steam game becuase I didn't request a refund within their 2 week period, I haven't played the game outside of that period or gone above half of their required play amount. This is a flaw and decreases the value of their company, greed doesn't run companies. As well unfortunately I'm in the same boat and have to wait and see how DD:A will be, DD2 is a disappointment. Hopefully Massacre difficulty is better than DD's Nightmare :D.
  9. On the Pre-Order store; DD:A = 25$, DD:A Soundtrack = 5$, DD:A Strategy Guide = 10$, DD:A Artbook = 5$. Considering this alone with having 2 copies of the game itself including beta is 70$. Multiple signs of recognition as a supporter, In-Game Title: "Etherian Companion", Forum Title: "Squire Supporter", Discord "Backer Role", Forum Title: "Etherian Citizen". There's also an exclusive KS DD:A Squire costume, and a KS Giraffe on a Treadmill for DD:A. If I recall correctly it was the t-shirts being refunded by DD2 gems, which is a 40$ pledge that you can lower or completely refund. Games usually don't go on sale until 1-2 years after release from my experience/see/notice. Nonetheless I don't care about DD2 in any sense and as a purchaser you have plenty of options given to you.
  10. Yeah I haven't played since 2015 and just reinstalled to check what I had.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039824381/
  12. 1cv 1 coal + 1 mana traced pepega
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