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  1. My faveroute memory was actually the very first event I ever took part in. It was for the calvery event item and was so much fun I replayed it a few times. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086286698/
  2. How does this xpadder work for dungeon defenders? Tried it and the controls arent working properly. Is there any downloadable tool/software already configured to the game or does anyone know, How to configure the xpadder for it?
  3. Thanks :). Your right i dont know much about computers at all so decided to check the site. Palicomp have a desktop and screen in my price range. Out of curiosity would these specs be better than a laptop? Intel celeron G530 2.4ghz 4GB Memory 500GB Hard drive Intel HD Graphics Asus branded motherboard
  4. Well most desktops of good quality are slightly out of my price range. Only being able to spend 300 to 400 pound kind of limits me. If you have any ideas on where to get a semi decent desk top at this price range it would appreciated :)
  5. Ok well i havent bought the new laptop yet. The one i wanted had 500gig of space with dual core processor.
  6. Does dungeon defenders run on a laptop aswell as a pc?
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