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  1. Update: it is possible to find better gear without upgrading items. However, you basically need legendary drops.
  2. Without upgrading your gear it's incredibly rare to find better items. I'm not even certain if it's possible.
  3. Got a video? I wasn't around to see that myself.
  4. Yeah, I've noticed that too. It's most easily visible with blunder broom buster, as you can see the nets fly up, up and away.
  5. No comment on the bastille map, but mystic with full appeasement, fully upgraded speed boost shard and extra speed from ascendancy is pretty damn fast.
  6. I like the random selection because otherwise it would be too easy to play just the one map I like, but it gets boring when the pool stays the same week after week. The playlist should change more often, perhaps even daily. It would also be cool if I could veto one map from the playlist. The current list for chaos 2 contains Siphon Site D, which I just hate - low DU limit, twisting lanes with lots of slopes that make it difficult to build or move around. The other four maps I'm fine with, so every time Siphon Site D comes up I just abort and restart. Maybe even allow creating a custom map p
  7. I'm not sure how you got 240 DU per lane for walls. Reflect beam starts at 20 DU, then it's 10 DU per additional node. Wide lanes that require two walls can usually be covered with a three-node reflect beam, with some rare cases requiring four nodes. That's 40-50 DU for the beam. The typical case of two walls and a three-node beam requires 100 DU per lane. You also need to reserve some DU for skyguards though. Most maps can be done with two but some require three (unholy catacombs comes to mind). That's another 100-150 DU that can't be used for killing ground-based enemies. It's baffling
  8. Besides the anti-defense enemies, the extremely tight DU limits on maps don't really allow for complex builds. By the time I've built my walls, reflect beams, skyguards and frostbites, I'm left with only enough DU to build one or two damaging towers per lane. That's not really enough for anything but the smallest of enemies, so I'm forced to deal with the masses of heavier enemies with my hero.
  9. Loot is not scarce. If anything, legendaries in general are more plentiful than ever. The game hands you a complete set for your class as a reward for completing a few simple tasks in a season. There are also ancient legendary items which are legendaries with about 25% better armor, damage and primary stats. Ancient legendaries are the endgame grind in Diablo 3. Once a player has finished his build with normal legendaries, he can then try to find ancient versions of those same items to further increase his power. Besides finding them as drops there are three other ways to obtain ancient le
  10. IIRC ancients have a 10% chance and primals something like 1%. They serve the role of the ultimate grind in that game, and you can get pretty far with just the standard legendary and set items (which are really easy to obtain). Primal ancients are just ancients with guaranteed perfect stats. Also the loot patch he's talking about is when they massively increased legendary droprates and oriented the game towards solo play and away from trading, culminating in the removal of the auction house. Before that patch you would get maybe one legendary per playthrough, and it would probably be some u
  11. I think the item drops are mostly fine. Droprates could perhaps be increased a little, but with how little variation there is on items we don't really need a DD1-style lootfest. Something could also be done to make legendary items feel more legendary. Back when items had passives and could roll any combination of stats me and my friends had a running joke that legendary items are "legendary for how bad they are". It's better now, but getting that legendary berserker's armor with 15 ups is still a bummer. The real problems are gold and shards. I think it's possible to slowly creep upwards
  12. Your link is broken, you need to remove the # and everything after it.
  13. Wrong boxes. I'm talking about the pet boxes that vaguely resemble milk cartons. There's three types: food, materials and reroll items. You're confusing them with lockboxes, which look more like chests and require a key to be opened. I guess it's possible that the shellium shards weren't correctly removed from your inventory (or I've sold mine myself), but evolution definitely doesn't require them. Can you show a screenshot of the evolution screen where they are listed?
  14. You're way late. Shellium shards were removed a long time ago, probably more than a year. Pets are now evolved with the materials from boxes only.
  15. If it was debunked, then the debunking was incorrect because that's exactly what I see happening. There are some obscure rules that may confuse some people (relics only matter for defenses that were built, the system apparently ignores your worst item and rerolled legacy gear counts as campaign gear). I don't have the exact formula for loot stats but I'll try to work it out later this week if no one beats me to it. An official explanation would be nice though. I don't think it serves anyone to keep the players guessing.
  16. Scaling felt a lot better after the patch. I played a bunch of chaos 2 maps with my friend and although they were tougher than my solo runs, we won them. It's possible our tactics had improved as well. I agree that a direct multiplier to enemy health and damage doesn't seem like the best solution though. In particular siege roller rockets become more dangerous, but adding more players doesn't help with survival against them.
  17. Abyss lord: orc 40, ramster 50, archer 40, colossus 80. I don't own lavamancer so can't check his defenses.
  18. Ah okay, that's more in line with my experience of the gold supply.
  19. 2-4 upgrades per 3-hour game session? Are you only upgrading 15-up items, or does PS4 have massively better gold gains? With 60-up items it feels more like 2-4 sessions of 3 hours each for a single upgrade on PC. I suppose if you play your maps really efficiently and don't spend much time managing inventory you can get around 200-250k in 3 hours. That's still not enough for upgrading even a single 60-up item.
  20. The DP penalty from the gambits won't be so bad later in the game I think. When you have chaos 5 gear and a few hundred ascension level you can easily get past 10k DP for the defense, so losing 1500 won't be so much. The range scaling needs to get fixed for gambits to really be worth it though.
  21. Or more frequently changing maps. A limited number of maps is good if you want to practice and try out different builds (and let's be honest, playing them in the "practice" mode is a waste of time). But playing the same five maps for two weeks (and counting) is just boring. If there'd be at least some new maps every day I'd be perfectly fine with the current number.
  22. I guess outright losing something feels worse than simply choosing one thing over another. Maybe the gambits would be better received if they were instead just plain range increases in the defense category? It may also be that defense power is seen as such a critical core stat that players balk at a penalty to it. Would it work out better if the gambits decreased speed instead? Another thing is that they're of questionable value or just plain bugged on some defenses. Ramster is the worst I've seen and it was acknowledged by Trendy too. With a full-on range gambit it gains a mere 6% range,
  23. I don't think farming the items even is the limiting factor of progression currently. Gold to spend on upgrades is. If you accept epic items for some or all of your slots (which is perfectly sufficient for the early chaos tiers at least) you'll have a complete set of gear for your defenses and DPS heroes long before you've amassed enough gold to upgrade even half of them. Yesterday I got around 100k gold I think - a third of a 60-upgrade item. At this rate I'll get to chaos 5 in maybe a year. Trying out different strategies would be cool, but there are two inhibiting factors. The first is
  24. I find the mystic very fun to play with the obelisk. She's my most successful DPS hero thanks to effectively having the ability to be in two places at once, and unparalleled crowd control. Using her does mean I have to sacrifice a few other defenses, but the obelisk seems to make up for it. Given that chaos 5 currently (for a few more hours until the patch) spawns all of the special enemies from all lanes, the current builds have to be able to deal with all of them. If each lane spawned only some special enemies, the same builds would still be able to deal with those enemies. Some other b
  25. IIRC explosive trap's damage is just pathetic and its new range is tiny. Back before the trials update it was decent for clearing the small trash enemies but now I can't think of any use for it. It doesn't even stun geodes (unless there's a shard for it). Besides the current meta focuses on AoE towers, so clearing the trash before enemies get to the towers is irrelevant.
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