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  1. Streamlining of gameplay. Assigning stats on levelup quickly stops being interesting and becomes a necessary chore. There are still multiple ways of distributing your stats, item upgrades being the closest to stat points.
  2. I definitely support adding alternate genders, as skins or otherwise. In DD1 I didn't like the pantsless squire, so I played a countess to get the towers. In DD2 I find the squire's looks again my least favorite, in part because of the default shirt (which thankfully is fixable with a couple hundred gems) but more importantly because of his horrible walking animation that looks like an overgrown toddler. I'm afraid that's something a skin won't fix though, so I guess I'll just play the three other classes unless Trendy redesigns the animation.
  3. Is this normal? Or should I report a bug? There was another one too, of the same type. Maybe it's a bug with that item type?
  4. I'll do that next time the issue crops up. In my last session it didn't appear.
  5. Nope, it has hero damage and hero magic resist.
  6. Well, consider solo play again. If I build on all three characters, would the loot not be generated randomly for all three? If I wanted to get a set of dps gear for my huntress, I would then have to win maps on her alone, which could be difficult. In multiplayer the problem goes away since there are up to three other players to provide stopping power for difficult enemies. I suppose powerleveling at least isn't affected, as long as the players agree to let the one to be powerleveled be the only one to do hero damage on enemies. He would then get the full amount of XP based of his performan
  7. Did you drag the egg to the left side of the screen so the incubate button lights up? When you click the button, a timer should appear above the egg, counting down from 8:00:00. You're saying that didn't appear?
  8. I like playing mostly by building defenses. This game still provides a very different experience from traditional tower defenses in a few ways. Firstly, the defenses can get damaged. In a pure tower defense, the defenses are typically invulnerable, or at least enemies won't aggro them if they can find a way path them. Secondly, you can only interact with your immediate surroundings and not the entire map at once. Even visibility is limited as the minimap only provides a rough indication of each enemy's power. Thirdly, the item system is very attractive to someone who is also a fan of Dia
  9. No, it happens even on a newly built trap without changing any equipment. I also tried unequipping my defense health sphere and resetting any defense health upgrades from items in case those were calculated incorrectly, but the inconsistency didn't go away.
  10. I find items with stats like "0.11 increase in aura radius." The difference is so small it falls below the margin of error in observations. I assume this has to be a bug and the bonus is intended to be larger? With the current numbers it's a complete waste of stat slot.
  11. On several occasions I've noticed that my traps have more than the maximum number of charges. Just now I put down some explosive traps with 107 charges, but upon inspection the maximum number of charges is only 98. Is this a normal (but confusing) mechanic, or a glitch?
  12. At the moment there are two separate difficulty selections: first the playlist (campaign/20+/25+/25++/incursion) and second the map difficulty (normal/hard). It's not at all clear whether 25+ hard or 25++ normal is more difficult and which provides better rewards. I propose that the current hard mode is dropped and that selection is instead used for game mode. Currently there's only the standard mode (beat 5 waves), but onslaught will soon be the second one. In the future more different modes can be added
  13. Being legendary doesn't guarantee it has the stat I want, or the highest possible item power. I find plenty of crappy mythicals and legendaries, and I assume the Betsy weapon is no exception.
  14. tdb

    Less play buttons

    I have plenty of games which launch directly into the game's main menu after pressing play on Steam. The main menu usually contains some kind of level selection to start the actual game. Given how level selection, hero management etc. in Dungeon Defenders II are integrated into the tavern, the (social) tavern effectively becomes the game's main menu. So why not launch directly into that? As for news, they could be integrated into the tavern as well. Add a bulletin board next to the mailbox with an exclamation mark above it if there's something new to read. I wouldn't even mind if there wa
  15. Is there any text summaries available for the devstreams? I'd rather spend five minutes reading the Q&A and other important bits than an hour watching the devs' idle chatter (no offense, I'm just not a fan of talk shows). Half the time I don't understand what's being said anyway, because my spoken English isn't too good.
  16. I'm sure your idea would make a great game, but it seems to have hardly anything to do with Dungeon Defenders 2. You even go as far as completely replacing characters and abilities. I think TE should concentrate on finishing the core game first. The next major update will have onslaught mode with infinite (or at least large) number of waves.
  17. tdb

    Less play buttons

    To start the game, currently I have to: Press play in SteamPress play in the launcher windowPress play in the game title screenAfter each it takes a while for the next thing to load, but not long enough to do anything useful. It would be nice if I could just press a single button, go get a drink and come back to a fully loaded game ready to play.
  18. Other damaging defenses stack, in particular apprentice and squire towers, so it makes sense for lightning auras to do that as well.
  19. AFAIK defense health does affect the longevity of auras. A newly built aura always has 100% max energy, but if you build an aura and then put on an item that increases your defense health stat, you can repair the aura to over 100%. Not that auras running out seems to be a problem really.
  20. Defense icons on minimap stay green until very low health, making it easy to miss mines or auras in need of recharge. It would be better if they gradually changed color, like in DD1.
  21. My thoughts after playing the game for a few days. This probably repeats a lot of stuff that's been said already. Current dailies from the colonel feel inconsequential. The goals don't affect my gameplay since I encounter those enemies in every map map anyway. The rewards are small enough to be practically nonexistent. Visiting the colonel at the start of each day is already out of habit and because he has the exclamation mark over his head, not because I'm in any way excited to do the daily. To be more engaging, the dailies should offer incentives to try different strategies or play diffe
  22. Using defenses from multiple heroes allows focusing on different stats. I can put lots of defense health on my huntress so her traps don't run out of charges while my apprentice uses defense power for maximum damage. It also promotes variety in multiplayer. Instead of one person building the entire defense, everyone can pitch in and make it go faster.
  23. There needs to be a better way to restart a map. The current design with a forced 30-second wait at the stats screen does not make me want to cope with the UI when trying to learn harder maps.
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