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  1. I'm hardly "constantly on the game" myself. In fact the last time I played before trials was somewhere around May or June. I've kept myself up to date with the latest developments through newsletters and patch notes though. 3- not spending to someone who was legitimately unaware of the possible removal of such tokens is like saying you have a £1000 but you are lazy not to spend it , when the individual as saving towards a better reward.hence why i created thread seeking the rational behind the removal and trying to figure if they where compensated in anyway, if so how and if not why ? I
  2. The "lazy" part was referring to the period between medals being introduced and wyvern tokens being removed. The medals came in update 11.0, which was almost a year ago now. They were officially announced a few weeks earlier. It was known at that point that it wouldn't be possible to obtain new wyvern tokens, ever, so there was zero reason to not spend them. So if someone was aware that tokens were being phased out and didn't spend them, yes, I'll call them lazy. The other option, which apparently applies to you, is that you simply never became aware of the fact. In that case lazy is inde
  3. Ah, another game breaking bug that allows players to blast through C5 and then complain how easy it is.
  4. Hit 120 last night, still no range shard. Since I notice the OP is recording levels now, the vampiric shard I mentioned earlier was found around level 100.
  5. He has edited the OP. Unfortunately no one seems to have quoted the original in its entirety. However he did make similar posts in these two threads. I will reproduce them here, just in case: Du unit is fine. Its your gear or your build. Watch a few streams and you will start to understand. Alot of the main streamers have du left over all the time at the end of a build. Whats that tell you? They have the gear to support there build and you don t. means stay in the lower tier till you get the gear you need and learn to build better. Just beat c5 sewers with no walls at all........ Its not the
  6. A Google image search indicates that a standard bag (16 slots) was 250 gems and a premium bag (32 slots) was 450 gems. Wyvern coins existed alongside of medals for something like a year. IIRC it was announced right when medals were introduced that the coins were obsolete and would be removed at some point. That point finally came with the trials patch. No compensation if you were lazy enough not to spend them on anything.
  7. Yeah do that on ramster and tell me how well it worked out.
  8. Use both and add a frostbite and it will stop enemies on their tracks.
  9. Why do you think the complaints have anything to do about the inability to beat maps? I'm perfectly fine with the difficulty, I just want more build options and a chance to use the 80 DU defenses without them being the only defense in my build. Obviously if DU is increased it will need to be balanced by either lowering defense damage or increasing enemy health.
  10. That wouldn't be much at all. The normal amount of picked up gold is about 500 per map, and 30% from that comes from the chest at the end. You'd need to multiply it by 30 to double the total gold from a map. I don't think even 100x picked up gold would be too much for an event.
  11. I can relate. I'm also missing the lavamancer, would like to reset some ascensions and get some pet affection boosters. I've figured out a way to progress without upgrading items (albeit slowly) so I think of medals as the more important currency for me right now. I wouldn't complain about a gold event, just if I got to choose it would be medals.
  12. What things are even left that can be done with gold but not with medals? I can only recall feeding pets (but after a while you have a huge surplus of food from pet boxes) and buying items from vendors (when they have anything relevant for sale). Upgrading can be done with both, but more efficiently with medals. Ascension resets and new heroes are medals or gems only.
  13. Some kind of DU limit is very much necessary, but I feel it's currently too low. I'd love to build elaborate defense setups with many strategically placed components. Back when explosive traps were still decent I placed a couple of those early in the lane so they would clear out the small goblin trash. I could then use more powerful defenses at my choke point to knock off the big guys that made it there. Now though, if I build fairly cheap defenses I can fit maybe 4-6 per lane. 3-4 are usually intended to keep the enemies from getting through (blockade, reflect beam, frostbite, proton beam
  14. 45k health on C3. Mystic doesn't have a healing ability like most other heroes so must rely on defenses to generate health. Serpent's coil is cheaper than a world tree, heals faster and is movable too. Obelisk does 10x the damage of ramsters or flamethrowers, and IIRC it's AoE damage too when at full appeasement. It can be moved where it's needed most, like behind siege rollers. No other defenses I can build with 100 DU come even close to the utility of the Obelisk. But some maps have so limited DU that building the Obelisk limits my build options at the lanes. Little-Horn Valley and Sip
  15. Obelisk + Serpent's Coil. I suppose Obelisk isn't strictly mandatory, but it does such ungodly amounts of damage that it would be stupid to not use it. Serpent's Coil is pretty much the only sensible way for the mystic to heal since the supposed life leech restores something ridiculous like 10 health per attack.
  16. Should be fairly straightforward to track the maximum value that was used at any point during the map.
  17. I don't really like Little Horn because it seems to constantly have enemies everywhere. A number of other maps have enemies appearing very cleanly from one lane at a time, which makes them much easier with the current underpowered defenses and overpowered heroes.
  18. That would be a nice idea if incursions were better balanced for single player. Previously they used to be quite a bit harder; at a time when I could reliably clear some NM4 maps I would struggle with clearing NM3 incursions solo.
  19. Some incursions, especially the newer ones, have fun and unique mechanics. Collecting gold crystals for the kobold bling king, cleansing spectral knights in the unholy catacombs, performing the ritual on the crumbled bulwark, etc. Many of the older ones like forest poachers or wyvern enthusiasts are kinda dull.
  20. That's solved more with the removal of server browser for trials than the small number of maps. If players can't pick and choose which game to join, the server can simply fill existing games before creating new ones. It doesn't matter whether the pool for random selection is five maps or all of them. Your argument would make sense if there was a server browser for trials and players were able to select which of the available maps to play. In that case the limited number of maps would increase the chances of players ending up in the same maps. But it's not necessary to both remove the serve
  21. Oh, I'm sure that the people who are complaining now will stop complaining when their issues are fixed. But there will be other people who don't like the fixes. Already there are some people who want to simply get rid of the random map selection and others that want to keep it because it makes them play more than one map. It's indeed impossible to please everyone at the same time.
  22. 200 DU per lane minus anti air really isn't that much. If you want to use the mystic as a dps, that's another 120 DU chomped off your budget. Take Little-Horn Valley for example. It has five lanes and 1000 DU. You need at least two skyguards, and if you want to use the mystic you're left with 780 DU usable for lanes. That's only 156 DU per lane. Even if one spike blockade was enough for all lanes (it's not), that together with reflect beam and frostbite takes 90 DU per lane, leaving room for just a single damaging defense per lane. And forget using anything expensive like earthshatter o
  23. The complaints will never stop. If the current topics are fixed, then people will find new things to complain about - quite possible the exact things that were just fixed. Maps not rotating often enough? Make them rotate every week or every day. Now people want to play the keep maps they're familiar with and complain about the new maps.
  24. It's possible you are using suboptimal defenses or shards or not utilizing your DPS hero to full effect. The cyborks hit rather hard so you really need to handle the masses of enemies with your hero. I've had good results on chaos 2 using spike blockades, ramster and frostbites with huntress, gunwitch or mystic as my DPS hero.
  25. Please also do something about dailies not lining up with trials. I often have limited time to play, so to complete my dailies I'm forced to cycle maps until I get a matching one, even when I'd otherwise be fine with the first pick. The only alternative is to play practice maps, but that's an even worse waste of time. Update: Fine, I get it. You don't want me completing my dailies and getting loot at the same time. After three bastilles and two throne rooms I finally roll a nimbus, and during the second wave I get a "host left" error. I'll just go do my dailies on campaign easy and play s
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