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  1. I must say I'm not impressed with this. DD2 was just starting to get some good stuff and they announce a new game? If DD2 is any indication I'm not convinced that they can hit all the right notes in one attempt with DDA. I'm going to give it a few years and see if the game is still there and if it's any good. Unless something better pops up in the meantime. Too bad OMD!U is going to be closed, I really liked that game.
  2. I started from C1 and found them pretty easy. I even completed a map which requires you to not build more than one of the same kind of defense and complete each build phase in under 30 seconds (I forget which one that was). I pretty much just slapped down barricades for the first wave and killed the enemies using my hero, adding more defenses in successive waves as I was able to swap in new builders with every build phase. Then comes C4 and I pick something I figure shouldn't be too difficult. First try was Unholy Catacombs: no nodes, no barricades, 10 different defenses. But I can spend a
  3. Yeah, I can understand that having +20k defense power from ascension would break masteries, especially on low chaos tiers. On the other hand maxing out defense speed only takes ascension level 59 and it seems to more than double the dps, so it's kinda harsh to miss out on that in high chaos tiers. Range gambits too, because high range enables some things that are just not otherwise possible.
  4. I went out and got some C2 10/10 gear. Just some random items I found in three runs, no effort spent on optimization. I figured the lower chaos tier would offset the fact that I can't easily remove my ascension points. I then went to Forgotten Ruins on a C4 expedition and compared that to the C4 mastery with my normal but synced gear. The experience was similar; my hero felt a little weaker but defenses a little stronger. On the expedition map I had to retry the last wave once. On mastery I had to restart three times because of reasons ranging from enemies leaking past blockades to bad m
  5. That's what I expected, yes. But it feels at least twice as difficult. Progressing through C1-C4 was a breeze with whatever gear I happened to find. I didn't have to stop and optimize things. But now the C4 masteries feel even harder than what C4 expeditions were with C3 gear. I'll have to go and get some actual C3 gear (since I already sold everything from my C3 shard farming) to see how hard the same maps are with those and how do my defense stats compare.
  6. Is there any information on how ascension capping in mastery works? I'm getting a distinct feeling that it's removed entirely. My heroes have no ability resource (missing ability mana talent), my defenses are slow (missing defense speed talent) and have tiny range (missing range gambits). I expected C4 masteries to feel similar to what normal C4 maps did when I was progressing through them, but they're much more difficult. When I was on C4 with appropriate gear I could mostly let my defenses do their thing and only had to occasionally deal with tougher enemies. Now my defenses are getting
  7. I've seen that wiki page, just didn't make the connection before hailminion mentioned it. Compared to a traditional incremental game the power increase from AP resets is very small, and my brain had not fully processed the implications.
  8. That is actually the first solid argument I've heard for reaching floor 100 before first reset. Coming from the previous posters it just felt like an arbitrary number. I like it when there are reasons behind things.
  9. Based on the data I have it doesn't seem perfectly linear. Floor 3: about 2 million HP Floor 17: about 19 million HP Floor 30: about 45 million HP Floor 150: about 150 million HP (from Zombina) The others are approximately linear at close to 1 million HP per floor, but on floor 30 the health is anomalously high. I suppose some of this may be explained if the numbers are from different bosses on different floors. Still, it's nowhere near the exponential curve I was expecting, which is the main thing.
  10. Okay, so the health scaling gets much less steep. That's good to know. In general it seems to be much more linear than I expected; there's only a very modest exponential term from floor 3 to 30 and based on your info it seems to reverse somewhere above that. I was worried that with exponential growth like many other games have the bosses would become unkillable very quickly.
  11. Point 4 - It is not impossible to buy higher level gear when you are campaign, it is auto scaled to your tier when you buy it I guess this also applies to players who are just starting out and is not specific to AP resets?
  12. That seems like an awfully high number. Does onslaught scaling change significantly after C7? I just completed floor 30 (mid-C7) with my mostly-C6 untinkered gear and it was moderately difficult. If the scaling remains the same I have difficulty imagining how to get enough stats to progress much past floor 40. As an aside, reaching floor 100 alone gives +291 talent caps and 873 minimum ascension, rendering items 1 and 2 superfluous. That is a good point. I have only just reached C7 so I mostly have the lower materials, but if I keep farming to perfect my gear I'm sure to obtain plenty of
  13. I'm ascension level 210-something and have beaten onslaught floor 28, so it won't be too long until I meet the conditions for the first AP reset. So I'm wondering about some details. Since every additional onslaught floor increases the minimum ascension level (by 12?) it seems that I should keep advancing in onslaught at least as long as I can easily clear floors. Is there any general wisdom for when to reset? AFAIK all gear is reset to campaign tier and all shards are reset to level 1. I guess this goes for gear and shards stored in the inventory and vault as well? Chips and servos will
  14. I recently got notifications for completing two challenges: The Final Approach (upon completing onslaught floor 27) and The World Is Yours (upon completing floor 28). However I can't find either of these in the challenges list under collections, even after carefully going through each category multiple times. Neither can I find any information about them with Google. Does anyone know what these are? Is there a complete list of challenges somewhere?
  15. I had that happen a couple of times on Forgotten Ruins. Never found out what was wrong, the issue just went away and I was able to reliably ignite him once more.
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