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  1. I'm really hoping EV's buffbeams aren't NEEDED like in DD1
  2. You paid a lot more? It was on steam for what £10 more? that's not a lot more. You've played 400 hours for a £30 game I'd say you got your moneys worth, also you can wait a week and you can transfer everything from legacy over to the new so you literally lose nothing. Character transfers are a thing the only thing they're unsure is the gold/gear so as you said you'd still play with characters + levels which are a thing.
  3. So this was actually from the first run I did and I've had nothing better :D
  4. They nerfed towers that were way ahead of the others and people are ***ing? They should be balanced around the same levels with the same gear, obviously certain things should be ahead e.g. anti air. People are complaining that only a few towers will beat the hard enemies? They're supposed to be hard, you shouldn't just think of a half assed build and beat chaos 4/5 so easily. It's supposed to be a challenge, what how long has end game patch been out? 8 Days? And people are ***ing this much because they are still tweaking ***? Jesus christ you guys should play games that are early access that
  5. Today's hotfix for Windows Steam users solved an issue where players were able to steal items from other players. We looked into the issue and were able to fix it quickly, so we released a hotfix. Please update your game to remain safe. This hotfix does not recover items stolen during the time of this exploit. We apologize for the frustration. We hope to have the hotfix ready for Mac and Linux Steam users within the next day or two. We'll update this thread when the hotfix is ready for these platforms. dis guy here is a boss, I never knew about this and loved public games only by stumbl
  6. If you have the chat bar open when the host leaves the game, goes to tavern, restarts level it stays open, you can't close it, can't get rid of the chat bar. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem but yeah bit annoying that you have to restart the client all over again just to make it work.
  7. mines seems to of unlocked when i checked my dlc for the game, didn't have to download anything, it seems i only got 1 costume for each char? is that supposed to be like that?
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