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  1. Does anyone know if it is even possible to completely reset our own progress, now that we are getting to the 1.0 release? I am not saying that the entire community should be wiped, I just want to delete my own save. I know I can just delete characters and items, but it doesn't remove my gold and map progression. I am a huge DD fan and I love the sense of progression these types of games provide, that's why I wish to be able to play the game from the start with an 'Out of the box' experience. So far I have tried: Disabling Steam Cloud and launched in Offline mode Deleted Appdata/Loca
  2. Hey Defenders, I don't post that often but just wanted to throw my feelings out there and see it any of it sticks. I feel that right now there is a real inconsistency with the monetization of costumes. I love the idea of tiered costumes set ay $4, $8, and $12 but what comes with them needs to remain consistent so people know what they are buying. It seems so far that the cost of costumes are trying to follow the pattern of $12 = 3 Mythical Acc, $8 = 2 mythical, and $4 = 1 Mythical but they are not consistent with each other regarding cost. However, I feel that the idea of purchasing the Ac
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