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  1. Can't wait to try out this awesome new map Nexus :)
  2. O h god i'm so excited, really willing to help on DD1 reborn ! :)
  3. I'm speechless ... but very happy ! Thanks a lot to all who didn't gave up and to Trendy for listening ! :')
  4. Do it guys, that'll gave me a reason to come back ;)
  5. Nice work, as always mate :) I'll stay tuned for the next posts :D
  6. Wow Gratz Doubi, i never thinked that was possible ! Gratz pew too, i'm sure you two will make a great competition :D
  7. Sorry for the long wait Rez, i've been away a couple of days, i should be there tommorow :)
  8. Nice Rez, if noone else is interested i will trade you the two Glaciers for those mate :)
  9. Rainmaker traded with ddace for a really REALLY good 71k classic, thanks a lot mate :) Still have the pair of Glaciers to trade !
  10. Alladin and Mana Master traded with Finland Still looking for a classic, a 83k glad and leather helm or boots dps :)
  11. Let the music play by Shannon [video=youtube_share;_-0sUuGufmw]http://youtu.be/_-0sUuGufmw[/video] EPICA - This Is The Time
  12. [video=youtube_share;NbxqtbqyoRk]http://youtu.be/NbxqtbqyoRk[/video] Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness
  13. Bump, still some goodies to trade
  14. Mkjo and i just experienced the trade glitch (thanks Trendy for never fixing this <3 ) So the Rockshatter and one Mana Master are forever gone... Bump, still looking for a classic, a 83k glad and the 3 leather dps piece.
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