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  1. I will see what I can do to help. I am not sure when exactly I will be on. I am currently unemployed and looking to move to where it is much cheaper to rent, so I am on and off during the day. I do tend to get steady playing time around 9pm PST which would be the middle of the night for you in GMT. Hmm... I will shoot you over a FR and see if I can be on at some point during the daytime over here to give you a hand.
  2. Are items able to be taken in the PS3 version as well? I have heard of this from XBOX players. My youngest was excited that on-line capability would be available for our PS3 for a while longer and played with me for a bit and then by herself after that. We got several messages regarding modding (ie, "I have Monk staff mod" or "I need Apprentice mod weapon") and I would have her leave those lobbies/games immediately. I have zero modded equipment -- as I mentioned it makes the game effectively pointless -- but I don't want my good items taken, either. Peace.
  3. Ugh! Make that 98% of matches are now filled with modders! They even have in their names. This is getting ridiculous. Any game I join is pointless since there is some level 22 apprentice with modded equipment destroying everything in site. No point in playing if you already have all of the best stuff. I am missing something here apparently...
  4. First of all, I hate that 80% of the games I join have been taken over by modders. I leave every lobby I join that has someone clearly modding in it (PS3). But I really don't understand the point of modding. I could perhaps understand if you modded something to jump higher and get to a place you couldn't normally access and look around or something -- but why even bother to play the game to get equipment that is horrible compared to your modded equipment? For example, you are playing a game that will yield a Sky Render. Why would you even bother if you already have a modded Sky Render that is uber-powerful? And further, how boring it is going to be to know that no weapon you ever get is ever going to be as good as what you have modded? What is the point of playing? I see Huntresses spinning in circles on some maps all the time completely obliterating everything on the map, usually with a Crystal Tracker. How is this fun? Or challenging? And again, even if you get something for finishing the map, it won't be any good because you already have something lightyears ahead of it. So I ask you all: What is the point of modding? Peace.
  5. Yes, get themI couldn't find a conclusive answer, so I thought I'd ask here. I've read that they crash frequently, but they also give some of the best items and xp. If you already have Mistymire and Moraggo, you should pick up both Aquanos and Sky City. I don't believe the weapons are that great and the XP, as I recall, is broken on Aquanos so that it doesn't give as much as it probably should. However, they are two completely new maps and do offer some new things to see and do. In addition, it will allow you to finish the story and open the CD. Mistymire and Moraggo are the two best of the bunch for the XP on MM and the Shai on Moraggo, but I don't mind Aquanos or Sky City. (Incidentally, the crashing you have heard about comes from Sky City. If you try it with 3+ people, it tends to lag noticeably from all of the stuff flying around on screen. If you keep it to 2 or just yourself, it doesn't have that issue and you can play it just fine). Sky City, based on the layout, should be really easy, but because of how enemies are dropped in, it is probably the most difficult of the of the 4 maps. Enjoy! Peace.
  6. Awesome. Once again right in the middle of the week and over at 5pm PST, when the ENTIRE WEST COAST IS STILL AT WORK. Great work for the bajillionth month in a row. No wonder I've never been part of one of these so-called "events."
  7. but I just don't get it why people who have still played for hrs more than they did other games and they still complain just because the're jealos of PC. The problem for me is really because my kids can read. They are big fans of Awesomenauts and Dungeon Defenders. They read about all of the new content and ask me when they will be able to play it on the PS3. Well, they can't. I might not be quite as jaded if I hadn't already had to explain to them why Ronimo can continue to release characters for Awesomenauts for PC (for free), but they don't have any money to update consoles.
  8. Since you were so kind as to piecemeal my comment into smaller topics, I shall do the same. "Let's start, shall we?" To point out first of all, Trendy has virtually stopped working on Dungeon Defenders, and have been putting most of their efforts towards the upcoming Dungeon Defenders II. There hasn't been regular content for a while now, and patches are all but gone at this point. Most, if not all, of the content being released now is by modders who want to make the game better for everyone. My bad. On April 23rd I saw on DD's Facebook page that they were revealing more DD DLC. No mention of it being for consoles. I don't know if that was ever released yet or not, but if it does, then time was being split, as I said, to make more product for the PC community when there are issues with the console product. That's what I based the statement on. Trust me when I say this, Trendy tried everything to fix the current existing problems on the console. Proof please. This is speculation. I'm sure at least some time was alloted to see if the bugs could be easily fixed. Obviously not enough because they still persist. They aren't a huge team, and by no means are they rich. It was a huge risk for them to even bring Dungeon Defenders to console, and they still did that. They even patched the game, and brought The Lost Eternia Shards to console as well. I've never understood why console players are still so ungrateful after everything Trendy has done for them. It is a huge risk for any business to put their time and effort into a product and hope that people buy it. I'm estatic that there is DLC for the consoles. I would buy more if it were available. As for "everything Trendy" has done for console players -- well, if Trendy were a restaurant, the PC community would be offered the entire menu and made to the best of the restaurant's ability while consoles would be offered a small selection of the PC's menu, but it the order wouldn't be prepared correctly and take longer to get. We're both paying the money, but the PC is being taken care of better. Wouldn't you feel jilted if you ate someplace and that was the service you got? It's not wrong to complain to the server that your service is noticeably worse than the other tables. I'm going to be very blunt here. If Trendy doesn't bring Dungeon Defenders II to console, nothing is lost or gained except potential profits. But with Sony and Microsofts outrageous prices for a single patch is more than enough reason to avoid consoles altogether. That's right. But as you mentioned in a previous post about how this topic keeps resurfacing, I've already given examples of additional developers that have put in more patches to fix their games than Trendy. I can list them, AGAIN, if you have forgotten them. The difference is the need to satisfy the console market because it is worth billions and they want a piece of the pie with their next product. As a consumer, I would like a piece of DD II's pie (well, there really wasn't a better way to say that... yikes), but I can't if it isn't available. That is disappointing to me, so as it is often said, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." If we don't voice our opinions and concerns and let people know we want to spend our money, how is Trendy going to know? Trendy still made tons of profits off of the PC side. That's kind of how they could afford to patch the console side anyway. PC was simply more profitable because fees for patching were practically non-existent and they could afford to have a character be free for 2 weeks Don't do that. Don't talk to me about how much things cost and how it can't be afforded and then give away product for free. I mean, that statement makes sense, right? I get that PC updates are cheaper -- I understand that -- but if companies like Trendy or Ronimo are going to give away characters, maps, weapons, skins, etc. for free to PC, don't come back later and say that consoles are too expensive; additional money was there, but to make the PC community happier at the expense of the console market, in my opinion, is not good business. Charge across the board to PC and consoles alike, make more money, and then fix or create product for both so you can make MORE money. I feel I've spent enough of my time writing this and trying to point it all out and explain it. If you don't read this, I couldn't care less honestly. Just do the community a favor and just don't complain about it anymore. There's nothing that said you had to jump in and respond. That's on you. It's all about being the squeaky wheel or you won't get any grease. download and install a certain software to get PS3 controllers to work on the PC. I'll look into that. But you just told me to BUY A COMPUTER. That's like wanting to sit down at a restaurant and being told that you have to buy your own chair or booth to eat the food there. If someone told me that in a restaurant, I would walk away and spend my money elsewhere. Peace.
  9. Fun discussionI would agree, except that there is a live market right now that is leaving DD (consoles). There isn't anything new for people to do or buy. If there had been, I'm sure more levels or outfit or weapon/pet packs or whatever would have been purchased. At this late point in the game, Trendy has probably lost too many console DD players. They have moved onto something else while wait for fixes or new content. Instead, Trendy focuses on the PC, putting out new content regularly, and alienating a huge gameplay market. I am not going to buy 3 gaming computers for the purpose of playing DD together with my kids, so I will not purchase the PC product. I have a PS3 primarily for gaming (and for Netflix streaming -- 90%/5%). I wouldn't have any issue with Trendy focusing on DD II, except, well, they are still putting out new content for the PC for the original DD. If DD II is where the money is, quit dividing your time to satisfy one particular market and put everything into the new game. It is very annoying to have bugs that need fixing on consoles and to see a new map or character spring up for DD for PC. Pick one or the other -- either work on DD II and make it the best it can be, or add more to DD so that everyone can enjoy. By the time DD II comes out, console players, if the console is even supported for DD II, won't put their money into Trendy's game because, as we've just seen it happen, Trendy will run away with and leave a buggy title with 80% less support for console users than their prized PC market. Again, that's just bad business; unless Trendy believes the PC market is more cost effective (it is), but more importantly, MORE PROFITABLE than consoles (I doubt that, especially with PC content being free much of the time). It is disappointing because newer titles like Pinball Arcade have already gone through several patches (and FarSight Studios, just like Trendy, would have had to pay for each of those fixes and they managed to do it), and older titles like Dead Nation with a smaller fanbase also have more patches (and Housemarque is not a household name). I like Ronimo's Awesomenauts game, but it suffers like DD does of the designers creating more and more free PC product instead of taking care of the console community and tapping into the money market there.
  10. and it's not guaranteed they would turn a reasonable enough profit You're right. Trendy shouldn't do anything unless there is guaranteed profit involved. Of course, why bother to make a video game in the first place, then? You aren't guaranteed a profit to begin with, so I guess they should have just scrapped DD altogether. The bottom line is: If you don't have anything for me to buy, I'm not going to buy anything from you. If there is no product from Trendy for me to purchase, then I can't buy it from them. They can't make any money unless they do some work to create a product. Put out some new weapons, new outfits, whatever. Are Sony and MS a bunch of jerks who want their share of the profit pie? Well, sure. But Ronimo put out DLC (free for some reason; I would have paid for it personally). So has Housemarque for a relatively unknown Dead Nation (DN got several patches, actually, and Housemarque can't have that much more money than Trendy). I've said it time and again: To make money you have to spend money. If Trendy wants to play with the big boys then they need to put out new material that is good quality that I will want to buy. Since they don't have anything else for me to purchase, they aren't getting any more of my money. It is simple economics.
  11. The May Community XP event for the PSN will take place on Thursday May 23 from 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. EDT. AGAIN!?!?!? Guys, I WORK from 7am-5pm PST. So I start work 3 hours before this starts and it ends when I am off work. This time doesn't make sense for anyone in the PACIFIC TIME ZONE. I've missed every single event because they all take place during the work week and during the time when half of the United States is at work. Please alter this time or change it to a weekend. It bites that I have to miss my 6th event in a row because of the same issue.
  12. Geez, I managed to goof up the "reply with quote" function, didn't I? Yikes.
  13. [QUOTE]=Dredd;868145]Please keep the thread clean and civil, thank you. I agree that the PS3 version of DD1 is still rocking but the game itself on consoles has run its course unfortunately :([/QUOTE] Even Dead Nation put out a patch (1.08) last July for 385 mb and that game is a year older than DD and doesn't come close to having the same customer base. Trendy is leaving money on the table by abandoning the consoles while continuing to create new product for PC. Housemarque has been around a lot longer than Trendy, so they understand that they need to keep the console market happy and interested. They even moved from the PC to consoles several years ago because that is where the money is at. Trendy already has a superior game to anything that Housemarque has created on their first try, so they should get every scrap and penny from consoles they can and remain relevant in the console community.
  14. EU got royally screwed so this example is just putting salt in a wound... Yeah, I know. But I live in the United States so I had to use another country for the example. Just more customers that should be taken care of FIRST before trying to go after new business in a smaller market (PC). Very poor business model. Trendy will find out when the overall sales for DD II is much lower than DD I because they have exluded the console market and banked that there are more people playing on the PC that have not already heard about DD that are interested to buy vs. the number of console players that have already purchased that would buy another Trendy title + new console players that have not already heard about DD that are interested to buy.
  15. Why Trendy would want to try to compete for new PC players with its games instead of retaining the console customers it already has (and earn more console customers) I will never understand. Why limit yourself? It's like selling a product worldwide and then deciding to only sell to Europe from now on. If the sales were already there across the globe, it doesn't make sense to say, "We really want to get more customers in Europe, so we will only be selling there." Then you lose all the business elsewhere with your established customers. Bad business model.
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