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  1. There was plans for a moba like Lavamancer etc was from it. However it was planned as Moba and a sequel but they scrapped the whole moba part and just went for the TD sequel But there are still remains of the MOBA part and thats some of the new heros whos bein added to the game
  2. Hey im looking for more ppl on PS4 Most of my chars are currently at 44+ Also played DD1 a lot on pc Psn: Revezha
  3. Ixionz


    Returning DD1/2 player Just bought it for ps4 looking for ppl within the EU timezone to play with Psn: Revezha
  4. If i bought the CE edition on steam does i have to buy it on PS4 aswel? Is the accounts/servers seperate from Steam and PSN?
  5. Already added it to the steam ID collection post with creds to u haku for settin it up
  6. You also need to fit the requiered ilvl Meaning that all items gots a item level.
  7. Dat legendary drop in solo and in the 15-20 barack QQ
  8. Last i heard was that they scrapped the whole thing. But yeah would be nice if its brought back
  9. Known Issues Players have reported entering a black tavern and falling through the game world. This is hilarious, but we’ll fix it. ^This
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