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  1. Nvm on this but the saw and 2 plate pieces would be nice thanks in advance
  2. Could u check these please i have no idea at all what to look for on them
  3. I ran into that kid with the glad he is in all myth with wrong mana value and stats that should tell you what the glad is.
  4. Can i get an IC on this please. Thanks in advance
  5. SID: sgtoster1 Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sgtoster1
  6. WOW sry man i just wanted to know for sure im no itom pro at all i am sry i didnt see the postings in the other thred sham on me Is this lucky? Only person i know who spells like a rock.
  7. No i havent which is why i put stuff on item check to figure out if it can spawn or not. Thank u ill just never sell it i guess i wont trash more possible stuff tho ill just use it.
  8. [QUOTE=sgtoster1;856055] I would say you have a better chance of kicking a cop in the privates and getting away with it than getting one of these as a drop. Well my dad got away with assault on a cop so thats not too helpful..lmfao < Anyway i passed on the set cause thats a lot of doubt lol. Got the classic since it passed ill just use myself tho since its that ridiculous
  9. Can i get a check on these please. Thanks in advance.
  10. [QUOTE=EC-10;855787]Coming up possible... Can mang or someone give me like the roughish probability on this classic being real? Or at least a little opinion about if they would go after this classic or not. Thank you.
  11. Pretty sure this is crazy but idk what classics can do thanks in advance
  12. Sapcemans mask and actually this ooga booga thing slapstick posted are awesome
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