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  1. Have you signed up for the March XP event? It would've looked like a thread like this. [http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?94749-PS3-March-Community-XP-Event-Sign-Up-Thread] -I'm sure it's quite too late now cause their ending the event in 33 minutes.
  2. It really is such a shame to see that TrendyEnt3 wasn't able to send out invites. I wonder what the problem was. It was my first event that I've ever attended and went pretty okay. 50M experience points for my Tower Squire :P. Awaiting the news for the new date of the event for PS3 US again.
  3. They'll be making another event soon for us to play on the new map and setting. - No Gravity on Glitterhelm Caverns.
  4. You get invited by PSN ID [TrendyEnt2] or [TrendyEnt3].
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