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  1. Except that a perfect supreme SET like the one you're describing is nearly impossible to get. So yes, I see a player with 4K in ttthree or more stats i will kick your sorry hacker *** out of my game :D Just because the highest value allows it doesn't mean its even likely. And just because it's not likely doesn't mean it's not possible ^_^
  2. Already been added. Hold alt while the character you want is selected, and then click the character you want to swap it with ^_^
  3. Are you serious? Just because it says single player doesn't mean that EVERYTHING must be able to be soloed. If that was the case then you may as well accuse companies like Bungie, who advertise their games as single player as well, but over half of the content is for multiplayer and online!
  4. Honestly its not that much of a big deal..... The main reason that accessories were introduced in the first place was for aesthetics.... not for the stats, and really an average accessory has - what - 10 or so upgrades and quite a lot of negatives anyway so its not going to make much of a difference.
  5. The Barbarian has no need for your rings of power. In fact, he has no need for towers. Wielding a weapon in each hand, he handles the mobs of Eternia with ease. But the Barbarian is no flailing fool. This rugged man has trained extensively for years to perfect various fighting styles. That doesn't necessarily mean that he DOESN'T have towers, but can anyone from TE confirm? If this has already been confirmed then sorry, because I couldn't find any threads where it was confirmed. It could just be them emphasizing that he's really good at combat or something.
  6. Something from Sky City perhaps? Sharken Artwork :D
  7. I'm also from New Zealand and felt your pain at the time Dungeon Defenders was released, what I did was went in to Steam Settings and changed the Download Region to somewhere in the US, and voila more than 10 public games ^^
  8. I think it is [email]lostheroes@trendynet.com[/email] now. Isn't it TrendyEnt.com? not TrendyNet. TrendyNet is the name of their server. TrendyEnt is the name of the company
  9. I have an uber guardian. But he still only gives me 16k damage on my MMs lol 16k damage.......... I remember when DSTs were good if they could hit 8k... Those were the days....
  10. No wrorries! This happened to me a while back and I found out how to restore it with this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DksSPZTZES0 Luckily everything is stored on your mahcine and everyone knows that things are always deleted, but still there. Lol was just about to say how wrong you were, then I watched the video :D Good job!
  11. DEACTIVATE Steamcloud so it saves your progress on your pc. Problem solved Lol? He's playing ranked. Ranked saves data Online. You can only save your data on your PC if you're playing local/open.
  12. Nyawwwwwww We'll miss you 3 TeamSODA FTW!
  13. its only stored locally if its on open or local.... how ever if it was on trendynet they may be able to help but not likely Extremely unlikely. less than 0.00000000000000000000000000000000001% and I'm not even exaggerating. Hello, ive sold accidently my equipment wich ive farmed the last 2 weeks. Is there any way i or TE can restore it? Sadly greetings :S Sorry, you're out of luck.
  14. Sounds like a hacker helped them out.
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