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  1. → ahh bummer, didn't make the cut, oh well =P → congrats to everyone who won something, and thanks again for the giveaway @Cerealsentinel !!
  2. @Kleeborp - yeah, sorry about that - should've said that in my post above. I hope it works for you!
  3. → My computer crashes all the time when I use it personally, but Plane's emulator seems to work for everyone that I've talked to that uses it! (P.S. the emulator is great, my PC is not... =P ) → The DL link is somewhere in this thread
  4. @Washb0ard - thanks homie! I'll double-check to see if it's any good in open.
  5. Agreed there - I was just using 4K as a roundabout-ish stat count for a player who might be able complete all content up to Embermount, but gets stuck there (sorta using myself as the prime example of that if I hadn't accidentally made that too obvious from earlier :P ). I wasn't saying that having 4K-statted characters was required in order to complete the rest of the 90-95% of early-to-mid-late game content ; I was just saying that completion of all of said content should be achievable at 4K. Obviously, you can beat the same maps with less, I was just estimating the area at which the common 'end-game' player would be. Earlier in this thread, Caimen0 had said: "The problem that DD1 has is that once you hit roughly 4-5k stats, it becomes very hard to feel regular progression unless you put significant time into maps on a daily basis" (that's where I was getting the 4K from). <------ and I agree completely with Caimen0 here, but I guess I don't see it as that much of an issue. I'm guessing we might already agree, but I think the diminishing returns aspect is sort of the only option from a design-perspective, because if gear-stats gave linear returns, then you'd have to effectively lock more maps behind stat walls (or effectively-required weapons or pets that might be tough to farm) that would be practically-unachievable for the player who ranks somewhere between "Average" (few hundred hours?) and "Dedicated" (1k hrs maybe?). ---> With linear returns, you might have the same DD1, but the 5-10% of uncompletable content might be something like 25% instead, where the only players coming out triumphant would be what I'm calling the "Elite" playerbase (2k+ hrs, perhaps?). ---> Hopefully, none of us are of the opinion that that's the direction that DDA should be going in! (I know I certainly don't want that...). ---> I suppose you could instead flatline map-difficulty at some point (instead of the linear ramp), but then your 'end-game' player would eventually have nothing to work toward, which I think would be a worse alternative. I'm also agreed that at a certain point, gear stat-points aren't quite as significant as items that will bump your DPS up significantly (i.e. pets and weapons, like you mentioned...), but as we both know, that's primarily because a lot of the really late-game end-content (that "5-10%" that I was referring to before) contain Maps with very difficult bosses on the last wave. ---> I think gating different 'tiers' of content behind a boss fight that might require different tactics to beat makes sense! (think back to the original DD1 story, where you had the 4-map tiers, where the first 3 were bossless and the fourth pitted you against a boss on the last wave). ---> However, I'm kind of in a love / hate relationship with how current DD1's end-game boss fights are gated toward players, in the sense that they seem to require specific items to beat: (i.) Embermount: you either need really strong ranged DPS for attrition damage (Bloodshot or other good staff w/ tight shot pattern + Fairy pet), or you boost the hell out of a Beam-specced EV (which ironically works best with the Ember Staff that is rewarded from the same map... <--- no bueno IMO) and try to kill it in one go ; (ii.) CR2: you need DPS with strong elemental dmg (e.g. the Emerald Sword for Barb), etc. ---> On the one hand, I think the examples above (and others that I didn't mention) are permissable, because it gives the player an idea of what they need to farm in order to finally be able to beat "that next level" (though this might not be obvious to a player who hasn't read up on a guide, or watched DD1 YouTube videos, etc. <---- I think my feelings are ultimately neutral on this aspect). ---> On the other hand, it can be really frustrating if there is no easy way to obtain the items that are normally used to beat the content -- again, queue the example of the Phoenix being easiest to beat using a Beam-EV, which is most effective with the Ember Staff that is the reward from the map you are trying to beat... -_- (I know this isn't the only way to beat the boss, but hopefully it's a fair example...). (Might add some more thoughts as they come to me, but I think I've written enough for now, sorry... lol)
  6. Right, but my full post that you were quoting said that you can complete 90-95% of content with Trans sets (approx. 4K stats perhaps). In other words, I'm including some of the CR maps, Temple of Polybius, and maybe Embermount Volcano as that 5-10% that might not be completable with Trans stuff. Would you not agree with that? I'm using the fact that there are still maps that might be un-completable at 4Kish stats as a good thing. I'm not sure if we're seeing eye-to-eye on that or not.
  7. Just commented on another post discussing the item rarity tiers / potentially being screwed over by RNG on a really rare drop, but I'm hoping no one will mind me copying + pasting the comment here, because I think it is relevant to this discussion as well. ;tldr version: @Jaws_420 - don't get too distraught over really high-end gear rolling with negative stats. The bottom line is... You didn't need the highest rarity items in order to complete almost all of the game's content in DD1. You could complete 90-95% of maps with Trans gear, which was very farmable in survival, some Challenges, etc. As far as I'm aware, the really high-end stuff was meant to be a carrot-on-a-stick for players who had already 100%-ed DD1 content, and were just looking to expand their stats to the maximum In Summary: If you get an Ult+ / Ult++ piece with negative stats, it didn't mean that you'd be stuck farming the same content until you got another Ult+ / Ult++ piece with usable stats, because to even be in that position, you probably have Trans gear sets or better, which you can already run practically all maps with (and I'm coming full circle...). To Summarize Further: Negative stat rolls on high-end gear wasn't preventing anyone from progressing through DD1's content, because it wasn't needed in order to complete said content. The stuff you needed to progress on end-game was much much easier to farm (thinking of Trans gear).
  8. In response to people expressing a distaste with the rarity in which Ult+ / Ult++ gear would drop in DD1... You have to remember that you can complete like 90-95% of DD1's content with Transcendent gear, which isn't rare at all and relatively easy to farm on survival (it's also usable at Level 78, which you can reach after 2 runs of Tinkerer's Lab campaign). In other words, nothing in the game requires having Ult+ / Ult++ gear to complete (nor do your characters even have to be at the level cap), but it gives the DD1 Elite a practically unreachable stat ceiling (which I think is a good thing). ****In other other words, it means that those who have sunk 1,000's of hours into the game will still have something additional to aim for, **BUT** there's literally no content that requires you to spend that many hours playing in order to complete. To me, this means that the "1,000-hr players" and the "100-hr players" might be separated by a wide Statistic-margin (the 8K-statters vs. the 3-4K statters), but will **NOT** be widely separated in terms of what content they can complete. I'm not sure the concept described above was an intentional design decision on Trendy's part, or just a fortunate coincidence, but I always saw this as one of the biggest draws to DD1. (EDIT: I used the term "DD1 Elite", but I am certainly not describing myself that way -- Most of my characters have main stats of less than 4K in comparison to people running around with 7-8K)
  9. Oh wow, no worries on the typo and I have no idea how I missed that (not very familiar with that event specifically, and I only did a quick scan through the event page).
  10. @Cerealsentinel - What is Madrid, if you don't mind me asking? I didn't see it listed on russman's DD1 Event Item page (via: this forum page)
  11. Oh goodness... I figured I might as well try because this sounds like an awesome giveaway, but I realized very quickly that I don't have an artistic bone in my body lol (hopefully I get bonus points for the Gengar plush in the picture to make up for the drawing though... heh). Think I'd have to go with the following for a Top 3 from the Item List: Rainmaker New Patch Celebration (I mean, c'mon... best acc in the game!) Black Satin Peak All in all, I very much appreciate you setting up this kind giveaway!
  12. @Kappaccino - after semi-recently beating it for the first time, I unfortunately don't think there is a survival mode on Emerald City (I didn't see it as an option when I checked at least)
  13. For the Emerald Staff, does anyone know how they were intended to be upgraded? I had one with 400-ups and tested putting points primarily into the main damage stat (which corresponds to poison dmg from the looks of it), and separately with the actual elemental dmg stat (electric on mine specifically), but the staff never broke 1.2Mish DPS on a jester with 3k-ish Hero Atk. I know my Hero Atk isn't very high, but I can pretty easily break 2M with other notable staffs (the Akatiti Clava and the whatever the Temple Of Water Staff is called), so I was kind of disappointed that the 400-ups Emerald Staff seemed so lackluster. Maybe you get the most dmg out of it by trying to match the Main Dmg stat and the Elemental Dmg Stat maybe? (i.e. instead of putting all of your points into one or the other). Tried looking to see if anyone included the Emerald Staff in a Jester Guide, but couldn't find any tips for what to look for in a good DPS version of the item.
  14. I'm right there with ya Jaws! Different game modes that can please fans of both games depending on what they're looking for would be a big win -- let the player play how they want to play! =) (if that is possible to be within the coding scope based on workload / schedule any way).
  15. This!! I know Dungeon Defenders is obviously meant to be a hybrid Tower Defense / RPG , but one of the things that makes Tower Defense games fun is the down-time where you can inspect the effectiveness (or lack thereof...) of your build, which can only really be done if it's holding up without copious amounts of DPS-character support. There were a number of things that turned me off in DD2, but what is being discussed here was certainly a large contributor -- At least when I was still playing, it felt like you needed a DPS character in every lane possible, constantly repairing / clearing groups, but it wasn't hectic in a fun way -- it just felt tedious / stressful (in my opinion). DD1 felt like a Tower Defense game w/ support from Upgraders / DPS Heroes, while DD2 felt like the Towers were only there to support your DPS Heroes, and the towers never truly felt powerful / overly impactful (In DD2's defense, I haven't played in a very long time, so I'm sure balance changes have helped alleviate this since then).
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