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  1. Just another quick thank you to all of the mods that help keep this game alive and fun, and also to the map creator himself/herself! I think this might have been my favorite event map so far! (and the rewards were pretty fantastic as well ;P)
  2. Agreed that the progression felt a bit murky in DD1, and while I didn't strictly dislike that aspect, I think it could be improved on for DDA. Agree to disagree on the grinding aspect ;) -- I think the RPG / Tower Def crossover genre that DD has going for it is largely successful because really-really good drops are fairly rare and feel very good when you finally get them! I'm okay with the progression to "end-game" being shorter in comparison to DD1, but the end-game grind that DD1 currently has implemented provides the carrot-on-a-stick reward system that has kept certain players around for so long (w/ 1000+ hours logged, easily).
  3. In relation to limited Hero Slots, I can't imagine the devs would have any reason of bringing that design back in DDA. From how I see it, the only reason DD2 required that the player slowly earn premium currency to unlock new hero slots was because they knew that some Players would want to skip the grind and purchase the slots with real money. I always thought this was bullsh*t (pardon my French...), because DD2 was effectively charging for QoL improvements (same thing with buying extra bags...), but that's the curse that comes along with all Free-To-Play games. TLDR: Ramble over, I think it's safe to assume that DDA will use DD1's unlimited Hero Slot design since it runs by a paid model instead of F2P.
  4. While I did sort of enjoy the non-linearity of DD1 progression, I agree completely that DDA could benefit from giving more progression-related tips to the player! I think this was sort of half-attempted in DD1 by giving the player a "Recommended Player Level" for any given Map + Difficulty combination. This wasn't overly helpful because your item stats ultimately determined which maps you could successfully complete, rather than your character level. To use an example, let's say that Map A on Nightmare difficulty recommends that your characters are Level 100 before attempting. Possibility 1:) Perhaps you are able to successfully complete Map A on Nightmare earlier than level 100 if your characters were level 78 and had good Trans armor sets. Possibility 2:) All of your characters could be level 100, but you still might not be able to beat the map on Nightmare if your character's armor sets are not very good. Possible Improvement / Recommendation: For each Map + Difficulty combination, provide recommended stat values -- or even better, try to implement some kind of Gearscore system that might be able to represent how good your character's gear is overall, and then have each Map + Difficulty combination have a recommended "Gearscore" instead. Other Thoughts: Representing a character's usefulness with a single Gearscore value (or even with recommended stat values) would be difficult because you'd have to break the recommendation out between Builder characters and DPS characters (e.g. a map might be relatively easy to build on so your builders don't need to be great, but might have a really difficult boss that requires stellar DPS). Maybe some of this could be implemented by having some kind of "preview pane" in the map-selection window that could describe and/or show (via video clip) what the Player is up against for any given Map -- even something as simple as a quick blurb: "Flying Boss: Make sure to bring a strong ranged DPS to the final wave, in order to damage the boss!" -- or "Wide Enemy Lanes: You'll need a waller-builder who can cover a lot of ground since the lanes leading toward your crystal on this map are relatively wide!" Alternate Viewpoint: I know some people like to figure out how to beat a map through trial-and-error, and I think that argument does have some credence, but even if DDA doesn't explicitly hold the Player's hand going into a Map, I think it could at least benefit from improvements for recommendations / hints / tooltips (etc.) before a map is started I know I'm getting off topic at this point (sorry... ;P), but it would be really easy to combine map-preview-related information with a Lorebook-type feature that could allow the Player to look back on all of the maps they've unlocked so far, and show things like (a.) Boss stats ; (b.) maybe an overview of the map's lanes ; (c.) lore text for the map itself (etc.).
  5. @vosh I appreciate your clarification! I think the balancing aspect would be difficult, but if the Dev team wanted to attempt some sort of "gambit" system where the player is faced with choosing between extra DU (with lower stats), or extra stats (with lower DU), then I think that would have the potential to work. Games are fun when the choice / decision-making process is put into the hands of the player, so a system along these lines might make building a character more strategic. (Again, I still think this would be very hard to implement / balance though ;P)
  6. I've got like 400 items in my forge in DD1 currently, and I've never had an issue finding what I'm looking for. Agreed 100% that new QoL inventory management features is a must for DDA, but I honestly didn't think DD1 was that bad. In terms of sorting through item drops while you're in the middle of a map, the CDT added a feature that would only show icons for items above a specified quality threshold (i.e. you could tell the game to only show items above Trans quality, or Supreme, etc.). With this CDT feature and the fact that DD1 auto-sells everything on the ground at the start of a new wave, I actually thought inventory management was easier in DD1 than in DD2, where you had to auto-loot ish and then manually sell stuff
  7. @cirion0000 - It sounds like I'm in the same boat as you in terms of stats (my builders are mostly in between 4k-5k), and I also struggle with Embermount (screw the Phoenix, seriously... ;P lol), but haven't really had too much trouble with Emerald City, as long as I'm hosting and can stack App Towers. I might have been reading too much into your post, but by not mentioning CR1-3, were you saying that you could beat the Crystalline Resurgence maps easily with characters in the 4k-5k stat range? (Asking because I haven't even come close to beating the Spider boss on CR1, let alone CR2 and CR3)
  8. Agreed 100% - I still feel like Palintir is one of the harder 1st-waves to survive on (in Campaign) just due to the relatively small amount of mana available from the chests. In other words, while Palintir certainly isn't quite in the tier of most difficult levels (primarily because the boss isn't incredibly difficult ; in comparison to CR1-3 or Embermount), I feel like getting past the 1st Wave is still a challenge! (at least for me... =P ) TLDR: I think Palintir is pretty tough, and the acc quality doesn't match the level of difficulty (or make it worth farming currently).
  9. Please no. If extra DU could be farmed as a stat on items, then you'd just drive an even further wedge between newer Players (who would be using the default DU amount) vs. the 'Elite'-class of Players who would have more DU available, but wouldn't be the ones needing it (assuming they'd already have armor with high stats). You'd be giving the end-game players a "competitive advantage" when they don't need it (I know DD isn't a PvP game, so "competitive advantage" probably isn't the right term, but hopefully you can see where I'm coming from...). The armor-stat-to-effectiveness ratio should have a diminishing return, so that you have to work for a bit longer to progress in whatever DDA's end-game mode will be. Giving an end-game player the ability to have extra DU would be the exact opposite of a diminishing return.
  10. I'd be down with the idea (and appreciated the time you put into coming up with examples!), but I think my vote of "yes or no" would be conditional on whether the Devs could learn from (what I consider) the mistakes of DD2. My attempts at explaining my viewpoint below: DD2 had armor passives for builders that changed how their respective defenses operated mechanically-speaking. The concept of being able to change how a defense works mechanically-speaking is awesome, but IMO, these passives should have been tied to some kind of talent tree rather than armor. IMO, the only things that should be locked behind RNG-rolled armor drops is straight stat values (and the stat types themselves). Ex:) Let's say I want to make an Apprentice with the "grants ability to knockback enemies with a staff melee attack" ability that you came up with. I think the player should be able to work toward that ability by leveling up and putting points into a talent-tree-like system (not necessarily a talent tree, specifically...). This allows a player to guarantee themselves the ability to customize a hero the way they want to play them. TLDR: Character customization / 'theory-crafting' should never be locked behind item farming that is governed by RNG. If not, you take the chance that the player might need to spend drastically more time before they are able to farm an item with the passive they want ALONG WITH a value-modifier that is "good enough" to build the hero around. It's hard enough to balance each one of the respective heroes, but if you introduce unique passives to each one of the heroes, the devs would now be faced with balancing each one of the heroes ALONG WITH each one of the heroes' unique passive modifiers. Let's say there are 6 heroes with 5 defense types each. That's already 30 defense types that you're trying to make viable for at least one purpose. If there are multiple passives for each defense type, you then have 6*5*[X] defense varieties that you're trying to make at least semi-viable at the very worst. (Good luck with that...). It would be cool if builder passives would change how a defense type was used situationally, based on the map, but instead, the builder passives in DD2 tended to just be better versions of the "non-passived" defense counterpart. The pool of viable armor passives was fairly small (i.e. only some were actually useful), meaning the passives weren't opening up build variety like they were supposed to, and just made it more frustrating when trying to farm passives with good RNG rolls to rank up. Armor passives that are unique to each one of the playable heroes means that you can't trade armor amongst your characters. In DD1, when you found a better armor piece for one of your character's armor sets, you could phase out the worse armor piece, and then trade it to one of your other heroes who might use an armor set of the same type (like a "hand-me-down"). I thought this was an awesome design (whether intentional or unintentional) because it meant that often, a good armor drop meant an upgrade for 2 heroes instead of just one. (Might continue adding to this if I can think of anything else...)
  11. → @Builder - I didn't necessarily get BSoD's, but DD used to freeze up on me all the time when I'd have AFK XBOX Controler emulator characters in. The two results when this would happen was either I'd have to wait 40-60sec before my comp would regain input (keyboard / mouse), or the game would crash to desktop and DD would give me a ".mdmp" file with a very generic crash error code that didn't really give me a whole lot of information to go off of. → I don't know if this will resolve the problem that you're having, but I resolved the problem that I described above by installing MSI Afterburner and manually downclocking my GPU clock speeds. I have absolutely no idea why this resolved my problem, but my theory is that something might have been hardcoded incorrectly in terms of how my GPU was factory overclocked. My BIOS settings didn't have any of the OCing options turned on, but after installing MSI Afterburner, the indication that I got from the default settings was that something internal was still trying to overclock my card above the rated clock speed (unless that's just how MSI Afterburner comes installed... it might not have been indicative of anything, I suppose... lol). → Regardless, I just wanted to share that I also hadn't had any problem playing anything in my Steam library until DD1, and DD1 was the only thing that would regularly crash on me. Figured I'd share what resolved my problem just in case it makes a difference for you! (Side Note: I never had any problems playing DD1 back in Win7, so I don't know if there was some kind of setting delta with Win10 that effed something up with my GPU, maybe? I don't really know...)
  12. @Thaleskpl the main DD1 Event Page's images were down when I was creating my top 3. Is there any chance I can go back and edit the list? Or have you already put everyone's choices into a spreadsheet or something? (Please don't feel bad to tell me that I'm too late! I promise I won't be hurt ;P)
  13. DD1 had item rarity tiers as well though... ha (this link)
  14. I haven't really thought out any of the pros and cons, but does anyone know whether an auction system has ever been discussed by the dev team? (obviously this doesn't work very well if you're trading an item for an item, which tends to be how higher-tier item transactions are made -- but I feel like an Auction House would work for lower-level gear that is sensible to sell for mana / whatever the DDA in-game currency will be called)
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