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  1. Just another quick thank you to all of the mods that help keep this game alive and fun, and also to the map creator himself/herself! I think this might have been my favorite event map so far! (and the rewards were pretty fantastic as well ;P)
  2. @cirion0000 - It sounds like I'm in the same boat as you in terms of stats (my builders are mostly in between 4k-5k), and I also struggle with Embermount (screw the Phoenix, seriously... ;P lol), but haven't really had too much trouble with Emerald City, as long as I'm hosting and can stack App Towers. I might have been reading too much into your post, but by not mentioning CR1-3, were you saying that you could beat the Crystalline Resurgence maps easily with characters in the 4k-5k stat range? (Asking because I haven't even come close to beating the Spider boss on CR1, let alone CR2 and
  3. Agreed 100% - I still feel like Palintir is one of the harder 1st-waves to survive on (in Campaign) just due to the relatively small amount of mana available from the chests. In other words, while Palintir certainly isn't quite in the tier of most difficult levels (primarily because the boss isn't incredibly difficult ; in comparison to CR1-3 or Embermount), I feel like getting past the 1st Wave is still a challenge! (at least for me... =P ) TLDR: I think Palintir is pretty tough, and the acc quality doesn't match the level of difficulty (or make it worth farming currently).
  4. → @Builder - I didn't necessarily get BSoD's, but DD used to freeze up on me all the time when I'd have AFK XBOX Controler emulator characters in. The two results when this would happen was either I'd have to wait 40-60sec before my comp would regain input (keyboard / mouse), or the game would crash to desktop and DD would give me a ".mdmp" file with a very generic crash error code that didn't really give me a whole lot of information to go off of. → I don't know if this will resolve the problem that you're having, but I resolved the problem that I described above by installing MSI After
  5. @Thaleskpl the main DD1 Event Page's images were down when I was creating my top 3. Is there any chance I can go back and edit the list? Or have you already put everyone's choices into a spreadsheet or something? (Please don't feel bad to tell me that I'm too late! I promise I won't be hurt ;P)
  6. Hello @Thaleskpl , and thanks a bunch for the giveaway! Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gcracka88/ Think my top 3 from the list would be: The Rainmaker Celebration The Devil's Poolskimmer OR Aladdin's Wish (if I'm allowed to change <----- Edited 04/01/19)
  7. Hmm, are the item stat pictures loading for other people? Or is it just me that they're not loading? =( (EDIT: as of 04/01/19, the images are now showing again!)
  8. → ahh bummer, didn't make the cut, oh well =P → congrats to everyone who won something, and thanks again for the giveaway @Cerealsentinel !!
  9. @Kleeborp - yeah, sorry about that - should've said that in my post above. I hope it works for you!
  10. → My computer crashes all the time when I use it personally, but Plane's emulator seems to work for everyone that I've talked to that uses it! (P.S. the emulator is great, my PC is not... =P ) → The DL link is somewhere in this thread
  11. @Washb0ard - thanks homie! I'll double-check to see if it's any good in open.
  12. Oh wow, no worries on the typo and I have no idea how I missed that (not very familiar with that event specifically, and I only did a quick scan through the event page).
  13. @Cerealsentinel - What is Madrid, if you don't mind me asking? I didn't see it listed on russman's DD1 Event Item page (via: this forum page)
  14. Oh goodness... I figured I might as well try because this sounds like an awesome giveaway, but I realized very quickly that I don't have an artistic bone in my body lol (hopefully I get bonus points for the Gengar plush in the picture to make up for the drawing though... heh). Think I'd have to go with the following for a Top 3 from the Item List: Rainmaker New Patch Celebration (I mean, c'mon... best acc in the game!) Black Satin Peak All in all, I very much appreciate you setting up this kind giveaway!
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