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  1. Hello, i'm experiencing this behaviour this evening: I launch DD click play online select Trendynet usual connecting and splashscreen character selection (all characters present) than it don't find any games or shops and when i try to start a private match it says "failed to create steam lobby" anyone experiencing the same problem as of now? It's steam having issues, which seems the case as trying to go to the steam profile sometimes it's giving me sorry service unavaiable at the moment, or it's something else? Thanks for any answers :)
  2. I was searching for the latest patch notes too, any chance the old post with all the changelogs it's still around or can be retrieved? :-) Sent using Tapatalk
  3. Worked avesome, just did a run casually with Sneezes and we did it with supreme ease. I got a good Dragon Trans which now belongs to Sneezes but i'm happy none the less :)
  4. For sure when it comes out Diablo III will be the easy choice for a number of reason at last for an X variable amount of time: 1) put a lot of time already playing DD 2) put a lot of years waiting for D3 to finally come out 3) can't wait to play a fresh Diablo game again ecc This doesn't mean i will not be playing DD anymore tho, i'll slowly get to a point where i probably will play both of them in more or less equal timings, but i'd be false in saying omg i'll play DD all life long :) Hell i think most of the DD Staff it's gonna play D3 aswell :)
  5. Hitmo would be very lovely if sometimes you do "Code drops" on EU awake times too, it's quite saddening waking up and see "hey we are dropping codes for DD and or DLCs" only to see the tweet was from 6 hour earlyer and everyone in europe was in the hands of morpheus ;)
  6. Any plans to integrate Steam Trading by chance? It would be really really avesome :P
  7. Wow.... just wow... ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Patch incoming nerfing the Dijins to an extent. Go out of the topic and look at the upcoming patch notes before kill urself.
  9. 10 mana pets can happen in ES NM HC aswell, not sure not HC. I know for sure i got 2 animuses and 1 guardian this way from it :)
  10. 75m it's the hard cap for pets at the shop as far as i know. Sometimes you'll get really lucky and find an avesome pet for 10 mana due to price overflow.
  11. Just finished a 4 man Spider Queen kill with Vsdgkk and some others, was really fun, really helpful and people are really really friendly! I hope to give back the help sooner or later :) Thanks again guys :)
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