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  1. this is easily the best update as of yet ( for me personally) i have always loved certain items but with the item limit / small amount of space i was never able to have everything i wanted in my tavern . i know many people have been looking forward to something like this and will be very happy i'm sure :D keep up the amazing work CDT team!
  2. Congrats on 2k posts DJ now on to the next 2k :P nice giveaway btw
  3. Thanks for posting your idea! i had a similar thought before the one i posted but i didn't want to replace/cover up something that's part of the tavern already keep those idea's flowing!
  4. Hello fellow Defenders and CDT team. Recently i returned to DD and this may have been brought up by many others or maybe by no one but i still feel this should have a look at. That being the Crystal Dimension Portal in the Tavern, now i know many love the portal and i am one of them but i also know that a majority of the players in this game love to collect and those collectors are kind of at a loss due to space ( i know i can't put everything i love into my tavern where it will look good ) so it just ends up looking like clutter. My main point of this post was to see if we can find alternativ
  5. Woah long time no see Steepers! :D good to see you back on the forums ^_^ Good luck everyone who participates in the giveaway!
  6. Auction over winner is Dofus4ever please add me dofus and we will trade : )
  7. thanks for the bids Updated
  8. Closed thanks for the bids : )
  9. here is the picture you requested .
  10. The only event item i never really had a shot at due to it always either being already upped/others bulk bought them so didn't leave many to fight for and the ones that were left shot through the roof : /. so i always had to put my search on hold for quite a long time for the Majestic Isom Pony! and on top of all that i always got out bid for the ones i did go for by like 4 others who came together to win. :P it's really the only thing i like in this game ( other than muh diamonds :P but isom clearly wins that battle ) Isom deserves to be on display ! and in the hands of someone who will re
  11. Heya starfox long time no see ! : ) Since i don't play much anymore I'm sure we can come to some agreement on rads : ) besides i know they will be in good hands with you so when ever you get some free time from your school work just message me on steam and we will chat about the rads. in case you cleared your Friends list SID: Crashoveride
  12. I seem to get told that quite a few times a day recently since i have popped back in. Don't get me wrong i will def come back and play a bit of the new updated stuff but i doubt i will have the time like i use to put into the game ^_^
  13. I did around 25 runs with 4 toons ( when i actually played) , and got a high end Supreme monkey decent all around stats and high 300's ups and then sold it off too TheCrystalDefender.
  14. I was just giving everyone in general a hard time. If Crash wins it I will have to bug him about it for a month LOL Awww <3 ^_^ Eagle = #1
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