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  1. I had the same problem, was able to complete my first Chaos 1 map recently, with ascension lvl 15 and a couple of semi upgraded shards. most of my relics have around 1500 primary stat. It was a practice map, not trials, which I found out after is the only way to get good stuff.
  2. I am really hoping for something less extreme... I know, as am I. In DD1 it cost 100,000 gold to reset attributes, which was expensive early game, but when you could do nightmare levels it was nothing. A similar value currently in DD2 is probably about 10,000 gold, I think this would be a reasonable price. (Maybe a bit more, I'm not endgame yet). Until the next patch (if they do change this, which they probably wont), making a new hero is really the easiest option, if you even want to buy the other heroes/slots.
  3. Its better to just delete the hero and get a new one to level 50 than pay that price!
  4. These are some updated Hard values (from farming Harbinger), anything in BOLD is changed from your spreadsheet which I'll let you update. I believe more are wrong (scaling is super strange), but i can't prove it. PowerfulEpicMythicLegendaryWeapon Primary667693715759Weapon Secondary445462477506Element Secondary556578596628Armor Primary419438447469 (seen 471 on shield)Armor Secondary279292298313Relic Primary1,3441,3961,4291,512Orb Primary1,0081,0471,0761,134Relic Secondary560582596630
  5. If only I had an apprentice/adept, when did lightning towers become good? No one used to ever use them before this community patch. (I started played like a week ago after 2 years out...its probably time to read those patch notes)
  6. Thanks everyone for the response and good discussion Those charts are very useful. I wish he did other heroes, summoner would be useful. I see a 20% increase in hp when going from 3k-6k, so i may test it out. As the only real benefit from damage that high in the elec aura. I've never used genie on summoner, how does it get mana if you dont attack? Also, roughly what stats on the Imp do you need? I know I have a good one lying around somewhere.
  7. I recently had my first game of Moonbase survival, all my builders are around 6k but I found my auras dying soooo fast, I had to repair them like 10 times every wave by wave 20. [1 core build, so 1 aura stack] This got me thinking, if my auras had 6k hp instead of 3k would it make a difference? They would still need repairing, but do auras need much more than 3k damage to do their job? What do you guys prioritise? (A build with 2 aura stacks might help more?)
  8. 8/10 cos its a cool gif. I wish it was mine, but good luck trying to track source. very old
  9. 7/10 something menacing about him...
  10. One hero being removed would add a completely new dynamic approach to the game. I'm glad they are keeping the options open and its already a completely different game to DD1, I was expecting it to be so similar. It will be interesting to see how those ideas will develop and how the game will change as more heroes are added later.
  11. Well, that did help sort my problem out and can now play with all heroes, so thanks. despite lower difficulty. The issue when it comes to levelling fast will still be the same due to level blocking for lower heroes. I guess this would be a recommendation to Trendy to potentially open up the level limitations a bit, e.g. every 10 levels instead of 3, maybe.
  12. So im sure someone must have asked/mentioned this before but i have found no thread. (or it could just be me being an idiot) I try to take 3 heroes into a game, two level 11 and one level 12. However, im not allowed to, and have to level up the lvl 11 heroes before going into a level 12 game. (This is in a private game as well) I understand Trendy might want to stop what happened on DD1, where you could level a hero from 0 to 70 in one game, but the level division is extreme. What happens when i want to start a new character, I have to go through the whole game again? Have i missed something here, some setting? I cant be the only one who thinks this is ridiculous.
  13. Bump, if no response, will end on the 19th
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