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  1. Congrats and thanks for helping us out! I really appreciate you! Not sure about all those other schmucks on the community team though. :P
  2. I actually have yet to do that. He owes me a play session though, him and Lady Niugget still owe me one. :P I do! Next play session we'll beat the crap out of some goblins. Wuddyasay?
  3. Ramsters is certainly a lot more cute. But put me down for whatever Angela wants. I know where my bread is buttered. Team Ramster all the way! Also <3 :)
  4. Yess! This is happening! Steve Buscemi as Kobold.
  5. foul odors usually retaliate T A T T O O S Turnips Are Totally Too Old Or Something S H A R K S
  6. My best talent is sleeping. I am not kidding. I can do it everywhere, at any time. Most time I don't even need two minutes to sleep. This is funny because I have the exact same talent. Everyone who went to New York Comic Con can attest to it.
  7. Your resident Community person with some serious bed head![ATTACH=CONFIG]496[/ATTACH]
  8. I was wondering if the emporium is on the verge of being rolled out because I noticed the "STORE" icon at the top of the forum page is now clickable.....but it takes you to a page that has something about joining a Defense Council and it also says "404 Page Not Found". Just curious like many who have signed up and were selected for the event emporium beta. o.0 Just to clarify things, the Event Emporium is run by our lovely community members and the "STORE" is a separate thing that Trendy is currently working on. Sorry if there is any confusion!
  9. niugget

    A Very Trendy Halloween

    From what Ive gathered around the office in the month of October, I think its safe to say that Halloween is one of Trendys favorite holidays, filled with pumpkin flavored treats, bags full of candy, and spooky costumes. Oh my! This year we held our first pumpkin carving contest! There were supposed to be two categories, artist and non-artist, but only Rodrigo and Laura entered. The rules didnt mention that the pumpkin had to be real, so it became a battle between the two of them for the gift card. Lets not forget about the best part of Halloween, the costumes! With all the excitement
  10. All this talk about which DD2 heroes is getting me so excited about all the possibilities! We're emphasizing each hero's individuality and unique strengths and weaknesses so hopefully everyone will find their DD2 hero niche.
  11. I have been begging them every day to let me get a peek. So jealous. You'll get your chance. At the mercy of Laura and I! Muahahahahahahah!
  12. Hey Defenders, I'm bringing you this news with a great heaviness in my heart. I'm sorry to say that we will no longer be hosting xp events for consoles. Since Dungeon Defenders has been slowly winding down, our focus has shifted on to Dungeon Defenders II. I can't reveal much information, but from what I can tell it's better than I could have ever imaged! Alas, great things do come with certain sacrifices. Because of the changes, we no longer have the resources to continue the xp events. I will definitely miss hosting the events, there were so many great connections that I have made
  13. The August Community XP event for the 360 will take place on Thursday August 29 from 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. EDT. If you are interested in participating all you will have to do is comment in this thread with your name, Gamertag, and what time of the day you will be online (in EDT please!) Use this converter to convert EDT to your local time zone. Signing up does not guarantee entry. Just like our previous XP events, participants will receive 50 million XP! Well post the final list of participants on a Google doc that I'll create the day before the event. Don't forget to vote on which map and mo
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