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  1. Hey guys, So as I was leveling I noticed that, as you would expect, rare gear would be more powerful than their common counterparts, e.g. a blue level 10 rook chest would be superior to green level 10 rook chest. I've recently started doing nm1 and now that gear is all lvl 50 I'm noticing that, when sorting through my drops at the end of a map, it's not uncommon for greens to be better than purples/oranges. I imagine this is because the greens happen to be on the higher end of the ipower drop range. I'm wondering - does rarity provide any sort of benefit now? Would a green rook chest with an
  2. I am on PC, and somehow missed mousing over it showing the quantity of reward. Thanks!
  3. In regards to daily quest rewards. I can see the type of reward I will get as the big icon in the middle of the panel for the quest. However there are also other possible rewards(chance of .. on completion, medals etc). I don't see anything indicating what I get when I actually complete the quest other than whatever the main reward(large icon) is. So I will see +5000 gold or something once the quest is complete but I am not notified about number of medals or other possible rewards. Is this displayed anywhere?
  4. Hello all, I've recently started playing DD2 (played allot of DD1). I'm finding I am getting matchmaking errors(request timeout) 90% of the time I first make a request for a session either from the war table into a map or by clicking 'leave session' in the menu when in a map. Typically the second request I make will succeed. This happens so consistently it seems like intended behaviour to me. Does the game give people who have had a timed out request get priority on their next request or something of the like? Is this a known issue? I didn't see it listed under the known issues thread. I
  5. Hello all, I played allot of DD1 a few years ago and am just getting into DD2 now. My first hero is a tower speced apprentice which is around level 41. Yesterday my brother decided to give playing a shot and created a huntress. I created a squire to level up with him. I was thinking that I would prioritize defense health and then hero health/damage while my brother prioritized dps. Is squire defense health/hero health/hero damage a viable build? I figured since I already have a hero that is specced for tower damage I would make my squire different. Could anyone suggest decent builds for h
  6. Just wanted to chime in with my experience so far. It's pretty similar to what others in this thread are saying. I found DDE too buggy and clunky to be a good gaming experience. Also losing all my character progression and having to start all over again is not very appealing. I feel like Trendy made a huge mistake with releasing DDE. There is no way this stuff should have been released as a new game. I would have had no problem paying two or three times the cost of DDE for more DD1 content.. Bad move Trendy, this has done permanent damage to your reputation.
  7. Thanks for the responses guys! Hmmm now I'm still unsure, I have one person saying that it may not be worth holding onto and another saying that it could be a good dps weapon :-/ . Could any other experienced defenders offer an opinion? Thanks!
  8. Hey all, So I got super lucky earlier today and got an ult++ obsidian clava from insane HC jungle. Pic below: My main is a DPS EV, would this weapon be viable for that role? I'm using a Myth blaster rifle right now and was hoping to find a better one of those because I really like the weapon, but since this fell into my lap I'm thinking I should just up it and use it. My goal is to be effective at DPS in NM (currently around 2m dps and it just doesn't cut it). So I guess I am just looking for advice from more experienced members, Is this worth upgrading and using as an viable NM DP
  9. So about 4 hours ago I started not being able to create/host games on ranked play - private or otherwise. When I try to create a game it hangs for a moment and just gives me the message "Failed to Create Game", nothing but that. I've tried about 30 times, I've restarted the game and steam, I'm not sure what is going on here. I CAN join existing ranked game that others have started, just can't start my own. Would anyone be able to tell me what I can do to resolve this? Thanks much!
  10. Well yes, I know I could just get it for PC, that's not what my post was about. I currently place DD1 on my PS3 and would like to continue to do so for DD2. It's a preference thing :-)
  11. Yes, I read the FAQ entry that suggested the console version of DD2 msy or may not be released. I just wanted to chime in for the latter. I love DD on my PS3 and not getting DD2 would make me sad :-(
  12. Thanks again for the replies, you have all been really helpful! I have a few more questions, if anyone would care to shed some light: - Generally is an items value reflective of how many upgrade slots it has? - Do people typically upgrade one stat on each item so that it gives a large boost to one stat in particular? - At around what level should I start trying to max out upgrades on items? I don't want to do it too early as the gear is quickly replaceable when leveling. Oh and to answer the earlier question am on ps3
  13. Thanks for all the responses, especially chickendude33, I learned a ton from your post, thanks for taking the time to make it. Glad to be on the forum :-) .
  14. No offense or anything but when I saw you spelled website "websight" it suggested to me you may have to learn a thing or two more about development before creating a site :-)
  15. Thanks for the responses! I wasn't referring to the icon that indicates the game thinks an item is upgrade/equivilient/downgrade , I'm referring to the color of the text in the item description. Seems the ones I get from bosses/challanges generally have yellow text. Do you know what I mean? A few more questions :-). [LIST=1] I Was thinking that even though I am going with a tower build I may keep around relaly good dps items so i could hace a dps suit. Is there a way to tag an item as part of a collection? If not is there any other way for me to logically seperate gear? Do the di
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