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  1. Naysayers aside, this is a good idea. The current 'index' attempt has rather few maps, in reality. Four copies of something for King's games, two or three for most of the Shard's map. Not that it's bad to have alternatives, but for something trying to be an index, it's rather incomplete. And there are several functional guides in the pages of this section that aren't included for whatever reason. And several of the builds were for higher-stat gear than the people who need the guides are working with, so this isn't a bad idea if it's done well. Improving on an already-existing thing isn't ever
  2. I hate to sound like "that guy who advertises his own build", but I have a build for Alchemical Labs for this exact purpose in this thread somewhere. Probably down in page 2. It was designed by someone with stats around your level, but working on the Summoner first with the gear/pets you get, and focusing on Minion Damage and Minion Health. The build you ran with looks fine, and seems to be very similar to what I beat the Campaign version with, I just tweaked it more to my liking for survival runs when I was first trying to get Mythic gear. I was running with stats around 800 when I started th
  3. As Prostheus said, DS3Tool is fantastic. I use my PS3 controller with the DS3Tool and it works perfectly fine.
  4. What got you over the hump of being stuck in the mid-20 levels? Did you try the spiders?
  5. You don't upgrade the gas traps because that makes the Djinn target them to unsummon, which in turn can kill the buff beams, and wrecks the build completely (Buff Beams are killed when a tower they're buffing is killed). As for the mobs congregating because of the gas traps, I have this problem on nearly every map, I'm convinced i'm placing the traps wrong or something. I assume you just have to move it closer to your damage sources so that the point where they get stuck is still hit by towers/minions/auras.
  6. From what i've seen in Survival, Mythic + gear despawns last (mostly). I've watched the map during waves and The black dots usually disappear well before the green dots when you're wearing godly gear (I equipped godly to monitor this at one point). There's not a perfect formula where it completely despawns the worst gear first, but it appears to try to do some form of that. Also, the limit for how many items can be on the map at once goes up drastically with additional players.
  7. If your archer walls are getting killed (assuming you built them with the Mage), then you may just need higher stats (focus on minion damage and health on summoner gear). The rest of your post sounds like you're missing Auras (or traps, though I prefer auras, personally). An ensnare aura is a good answer to Sharken, as the slow gives your archer walls or other towers time to kill them before they even get close. The electric auras should deal enough damage to prevent the sharken from de-summoning anything.
  8. The text is appearing as white to me, with links in yellow-ish. But i'm in the "Metro Dark" theme. I can toy around with finding one that works in all themes if anyone else is having an issue.
  9. When I was first trying to find ways to acquire Mythic gear, I had kept reading about this map being a good starting point. The more I read, the more it made sense why, but not until I actually started building the map myself. The first thing you need to realize is that the build for this map for Campaign is incredibly different (or at least it was for me) due to the boss. This is the build I came up with after a lot of trial and error getting through the map on NM Campaign. I went through the first several pages of the PC Guide thread, and I didn't find anything similar to this, or even ab
  10. I'll help if you're still seeking players. Steam name is Sumnus.
  11. Draemn is correct about the shop, but generally you won't be able to sell anything unless it is Mythic or better. I didn't bother with a shop until I was soloing things on nightmare survival, but it makes a ton of mana and you can afk entirely for it. I usually run my shop while I sleep.
  12. From my experience thus far (Though i'm first now starting to farm Mistymire on NM), finding gear that is decent in all tower stats (say, for a tower-focused Monk and Huntress) is the most difficult to come by. I imagine finding hybrid gear would be similarly difficult, as you'd have to take a small hit to each stat to do so. Though the only one I can imagine wanting to go hybrid would be the Series EV.
  13. I'm literally just starting to venture into this map as well, as a means of trying to beat it on Insane so that I can run it for exp on characters. Everything I have read is saying the same thing as the posts here. Cupid is the only issue, and is the "dps" of the bosses. The snowman's only job that we can see is to distract your defenses from Cupid. And the Turkey is annoying not because of himself, but because of what's around him, depending on how long it takes you to kill him. All of the builds I have seen have been more or less built for survival mode, and just say to use a DPS character f
  14. I understand what they're for. But Stunning them vs Slowing them, the Djinn and Sharkens (as well as the warriors) are all slowed down by the ensnare aura as well, so isn't it just redundant to have two crowd control effects on top of each other? slowing if they're stunned is irrelevant, and so on? Unless your DPS is too low to kill them through the slow I suppose.
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