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  1. Croc: legend of THE gobbos Legend Of Legaia
  2. Super Unicorn's Gargantuan Attack Rainbows! S A U C E
  3. Level 100 Barbarian with 7000+ stats in the Tavern Keeper Costume that joined my survival saying he has never completed this level (Alchemy Labs) and really wants a Giraffe on a Treadmill.. I thought I was being trolled until I noticed his 10000000000000000000 Stats.. Getting old fast.. On a side note can people hax the achievements or y'all think this guy bought his account? I've seen this enough >.< Can't wait until we are at a clean slate.
  4. I don't really like the "other stuff" ideas. 1. should not be changeable by client and won't be implemented I guess. 2. You are not talking about the color? Then I'm not with you. 3. Why not. 4. Just not fitting into the game, imo. 5. Do we really need to split the community even more? I don't think that's a great idea. Just let's pay 12-15 euro/dollar for the game so that every guy will get the first "content updates". I'm not really a friend of "get the free game, buy dlc, buy dlc" and so on. But I think this decision has already been made. 6.+7. Well, why not. If people like it. 1. Those are just things I would have liked, putting the amount of time that I have into this game. After a while, purple enemies become bland and I sort of miss the red ones from Insane. :) 2. About the weapons, if they work like http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?112105-Relics-A-New-Way-to-Progress-Your-Hero&p=985813[[4378,hashtags]] then that is what I was talking about. The ability to alter the weapon's actual model. I enjoy some of the more common weapons. 3. :) 4. The Jetpack being available to certain classes was fun but it really plays no real role in the game except to move around while doing stuff. It's more of an amusing thing to do as it's not really practical to use at all as it gives no real advantage. I would like to see the Barbarian's Imposter Costume have a jetpack. It would be funny. Imo. 5. **Removed**
  5. pull only new yarn K M O R S Kobold┬ęs Murder Others.. Really Sad. I T Y N M
  6. My tower is Huge (that's what she said) and it sits to my left. My feet regularly brush against the wires and I wasn't paying attention and swung around in my chair and ripped out 4 USB devices.. and BAM! BSOD :( Freaked me out but no damage done >.> Anybody ever do something like that before?
  7. i cant open my phone L E G I T Losing Emeril's Gold Is Terrible. S U P E R
  8. What a wake up call that must have been! Glad to hear your 1 year strong!! Keep up the fight!
  9. The summoner was/is over-powered and broke the balance between other classes when it was introduced. I enjoyed the Summoner but he/she broke the game at the time of release imo. If he/she makes a comeback in DD2 I hope they are a nice addition and not a necessary class to make the game easy.
  10. Any way to hint at the number of Campaign Missions on Release? Challenges. DD1 challenges were a fun escape from the campaign and had some nice rewards at the beginning of the game. Once Nightmare hit, they became obsolete. Will there be more than one map of the same challenge or will it stay like it was in DD1? Take Raining Goblins. The challenge was fun and was only in Alch Labs. Once you completed the map and had a good weapon you wanted/needed and didn't want to farm anymore, the map was over forever. Will/Can some challenges be incorporated on more maps or will they be set on just one? Could/Will challenges have Sub-Objectives, like the campaign maps, that will keep them challenging for a long time? Could/Will the rewards scale with the current gear 'level' in the game? Is there a way somebody could create the challenges into different versions/levels and have those be incorporated into Ranked Mode if the DDDk2 is released? Just a few questions I was curious about. If this belongs in the Suggestions section, my bad. ^.^
  11. A Compound Exterminator Going Insane U M A D Understanding Maps And Directions P A R R S
  12. I Love this idea. Great job at combining the stories! I wish it could all be like this but ideas form months later and random entries come into play. DD2 will be the time to create, if they release a DDDk(2), custom maps that add to a new character's story. Just an entry or two that let the character's past become known. Again, Nice Post! ^.^
  13. Some people only seem to care about achievements for achievements sake. Imo, they want to show that they are so good at stuff that they should be idolized and possibly given a job on the spot for being so good and/or like to 'Prove' they are better. In reality, they are probably insecure with themselves and 'Think' they are helping by 'Being So Good' at getting the best gears. I have a friend like this, NOT in this game, that only cares about achievements for the points and not playing the game for fun because he 'Needs' people too see how 'Awesomesauce he is'... Yet most probably do it for monies as people will spend RL monies to 'Get Good'.
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