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  1. ya i do though thats the problem i gave one guy this one for free and ya he now calls me a duper like really?
  2. That is true but the response he gave to me after I asked him to change it is what really agitated me. that would make me kinda mad to. but rangerz right u dont own a name like evryone on the game can have the name on the game right?
  3. im not a duper eathier people give me duped items for no reason they come drop the items then leave
  4. It does not matter if it says "forged by trendylovesu". Anyone can dupe an item and the "forged by" is copied along with everything else. Who it is forged by is not a way to determine if an item is duped. I would not listen to my friends telling me to trade something. Be a responsible trade partner and never trade something if you don't know its legitimacy. Thats my opinion. If you give or trade to someone something that pops, they WILL remember. It will stick with you. like if i assume things are duped ill ask if they care if i can give them it for nothing but they wont care if it po
  5. ya but my friends like tell me to trade if its forged by someguy named TRENDYlovesU but i dont i only give them away
  6. How can u tell if a event item is duped because most of the items i have are are forged by TRENDYlovesU idk if that is a real one or duped but i never trade them becasue i dont have a clue if there duped
  7. you guys think theyll ever update the console version anymore or add the new heros? just wanting to know
  8. PSN: Dragon_Slayer_35 need help getting to level 83 this weekend
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