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  1. Dear lord stop whining they implemented a fix to stop you from losing your gear. Which is worse having stuff stolen or not being able to see other characters. Good job trendy for a quick fix
  2. aura stack on each crystal + minion walls and traps in the mob pathing. I dont have an actual build but i generally just throw one together for talay and it works.
  3. If you are talking survival(wave 30 mentioned above) then you are using builds designed for campaign(survival takes much higher stats on both maps). If you are talking campaign and you need another build take a look at my nmhc survival build for tinkers it will work for what you need. There are lots of threads with working builds for akatiti. Almost any of them will work with your stats. I have seen both wat and eagleone run the builds they posted so i know they work.
  4. what ddace said is dead on. The average player will not be able to build these maps with 2-3k. However what wat and eagleone have done is show that you don't need sup-ult sets to complete the higher end maps which had become the way of things with lab assault farming and trading.
  5. The disco event was by far my favorite event. No idea why but every time i think about events that is the one that comes to mind.
  6. SID: ehuls63 SID link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043647103/
  7. To answer the question you had asked it is possible to solo greater turkey as this is how i got achievement. However it is much easier to center build and have 4 jesters with bf drills and chicken and post one at each corner.
  8. i use a center build and run the other areas. Center build is elec, ensnare, str drain, heal, proxy, gas, buff, mage, archers.
  9. As well to what ddace said if a character aggros an ogre then goes out of ogre range it can retarget onto other crystals if it is not forced into fighting defenses. Be careful to not engage ogres away from the defenses unless you are going to kill them. This includes dps pets.
  10. I look forward to running it when you get it up and running:)
  11. with the release of tinker lab and the new chickens these are not worth much of anything i doubt you will get a bid sorry.
  12. 1. What were the biggest strengths of Dungeon Defenders' Ranged Combat system? Variety. Different weapons, different looks, different shot styles 2. What were the biggest weaknesses? Scaling in later game was off for ranged dps. Bosses in the end game for the most part had small areas where range was an ineffective defense, so the huge health and close range damage bonus on characters like the barb were king. 3. What would you improve about the system for Dungeon Defenders II? Put in a manual aim system for controls that gets close to what a keyboard/mouse combo has. Maybe ha
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