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  1. on lvl82 is max chance drop for c8 ampule, dont be better on 80+ floor i am agree, that it is dont fair how people get AP before update and now. And how challenge with those who have more money and more stat from AP before update i dunno. make compensation for those who up AP before update, and let everyone start from the beginning. Or make less painful AP now, for example dont reset hypershard and max floor make 70 instead 80.
  2. in throne room 25++ u have 4 place to def. 4 monk/squire in serenity+boost can do this right now, and them dont necessarily has hero DPS build ) without serenity+boost u need 4 monk/squire DPS hero, with phys res and heal after hit. I want to say it is not hard. And nothing beautiful and interesting in it ( but good luck anyway
  3. This happens sometimes if connection lags. The safest thing to do is to just make a token and drop it. I can give ya a cpl bill to make up for what was lost if you want to add me. indeed, mana token! oh, thanks a lot. no need mana, thx.
  4. i am play with my wife from one internet connection. All mana she gave to me, and i buy all stuff what we need. And some times, when we trade 300m+ deal and push complete deal, the inscription does not appear on the implementation of the transaction and all mana disappear. What we do wrong? I am already afraid to trade
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