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  1. its been a long time since I've played the game because money was short so all the DLC caught up to me. would really love a DLC code so I can catch up and get back into the game.
  2. i can only say the same. also, i would have much rather liked to buy dungeon defenders as a mid to full prize game instead of all this dlc madness. hate me or dont modern game company financial plans suck bawlls. the only difference between now and 6-7 years ago was DLC was called "expansion packs" literally nothing has changed other than the fact they fragment it to allow more customization. you act like their DLC is expensive. do you not have a job?
  3. Im not a fan, it looks too easy. too simple. too straight. too single pathway/chokepoint/crystal. there doesnt seem to be any way up onto the walls other than maybe climbing towers/crystal. even if your mana chests only contain 40 mana each, youve got 10 chests laid down there. thats 400 mana minimum. seems like too much for the first round, when you only have one path. all combat takes place on the same Z coordinate. (ignoring wyverns, they dont really count as straight line followers) add a few ramps here and there, up and down. alternate routes, at least one surely? I guess you've
  4. without proof of your work then no one should be giving you money just yet. I do like the idea a lot, though.
  5. looks fun. been waiting for a more traditional tower defense map.
  6. stick with the M/K. controller is probably fine for casual play, but as mentioned earlier if you're doing insane you're gonna be handicapping yourself with a controller.
  7. Casuals are the only reason any online game stays in business. We are the 99% (not an exact number, just a reference). So can it. untrue. Starcraft doesn't cater to casuals.
  8. worth upgrading then (assuming it overlaps) there is a cap. I believe it's +5 for huntresses. but like I said you can only upgrade it at certain levels (I couldn't get more projectiles on my VW until I upgraded it to like level 8) so can make the decision then. just pour intoranged damage.
  9. I have no idea I don't play monk. my point still stands, though. if it's a wide spread then avoid it. I can't imagine you get much out of a 7th projectile if it's spread.
  10. well yeah you do get the content, but it's a lot slower. for a game that people are already begging for new content that wait could be not-so-good.
  11. [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email] tell them about it. I had a rollback happen to me and got it all back + some more
  12. additional projectiles has a cap and can only be upgraded at certain levels. if the spread sucks I would just go flat damage. if it's concentrated you should hit the cap in any case, damage.
  13. I didn't know I turned this into a platform war because I said the PC is superior for Dungeon Defenders. even if you factor out the controls and all that, the PC version gets content quicker, which is what the OP asked about. has the console version even been patched once yet?
  14. Easier to relax and play.. local play is easier and better. this is true, however for the record you can still "relax and play" on a PC if you have the right setup. people do use their PC on a big screen and sit on the couch. [QUOTE]Controllers > mouse and keyboard... Unless all you do is play pc games then youll be too used to a keyboard.[/QUOTE] other way around. M/K is a lot more precise and keyboard has more keys which means less menu navigating and more key binding. I don't know what it's like for DD, but in general M/K is better for just about anything... except racing games. stil
  15. the OP asked whether to get the console or PC version and I answered his question, on top of more reasons why he should get it. it's clear he doesn't mind K/M otherwise he wouldn't ask. protip: you can plug in a controller and play so null point. really, you're just getting unnecessarily angry because I said the console version is inferior.
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