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  1. My loot is so rare it breaks the description http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073301899/screenshot/431571960801051354
  2. Firstly your gear will be re-rolled if it is above 240 IPWR. The gear will be re-rolled in such a way that it is almost as if it just dropped. The traits and passives can all change with some exceptions. Weapons will always have hero damage but the value of it will change. Armor will always have resistance but the type and value of them will change. Relics will stay the same type meaning that a defense power relic will stay defense power. Some legendary items and specific gear that guarantees an attribute like Frost Flame legendary staff should still have this trait. The only issue is that the
  3. And that gear wont have hearty blockade, perpetual motion, defense health or hero health. Those will all be rerolled. It might not even be legendary. They didn't even let us use our influence points in this matter. B-E-A- utiful..... Yep it is, until wipeageddon II which is dropping the i-power on all existing gear :(
  4. I am not entirely sure but I noticed this a while ago and no one seemed to know whether it was just the text that was removed or if it was removed. The chance of better loot was almost nothing so it shouldn't matter though. I still assume it is removed.
  5. It's that time of the year again.It's time to with IamIsom happy birthday and thank him for all he's done for us. He has to deal with 109 defense councilors ranting about bugs or features they want on a daily basis while also answering questions and helping out players on the forums. I'm writing this post so we can all thank him and wish him happy birthday. :D
  6. Gamebreaking? So they should just remove lightning auras then? You can put them on the path and enemies wont attack them. Sure if you mean we could block them out with them then of course but thats why i suggest making them more like lightning aura and letting enemies go through them but them to spin with flames, or only allow them so close to eachother and enemies cant go through them. It would give the tower some use and the game still balanced.. My gamebreaking point was that Flamethrowers have unit collision but are invisible until something collides with them. If they stayed cloaked
  7. My experience is that Flamethrowers are invisible to a unit until that unit walks into them--after all, it'd be gamebreaking if you could obstruct the path with Flamethrowers and enemy units still couldn't see them. And given their short range, they're highly susceptible to accidental damage from units aiming at something else. The trick is to put them on the sides. Paint the railings with Flamethrowers. Any time there's a tree stump sticking up or mushroom protrusions on the side of a map? Perfect for a Flamethrower! Requires a different line of thinking than...any other tower in the g
  8. I feel like it could be used if it drew 0 attention even if it was in the lane. The lightning aura doesn't. I feel like making this more like a flame aura, even if it still has the 360 degree spinning.
  9. got one every two minutes or so?? how'd u do it? its not photoshop its a visual bug, if u swap the place of ur golden egg with a regular one, the regular one gets a golden visual bug Well once again they do not have timers because they can not rot |:<
  10. There are 3 tiers of food. The fish, the cake, the ham. 12,500 is a lot for 1 item.
  11. I used to get daily quests until this patch.....
  12. There is still discussion about this but as it stands now. If you roll an epic it will be a furlin and not a purlin. There has been a lot of talk about this and Trendy is thinking of solutions.
  13. It doesn't need to be max to be strong. It's more about the journey. Plus this way you wont have all your pets maxxed out for everything.
  14. Yeah, I don't know why Moogy77 brought this back. I was just answering his question. and Kelebek I am sorry but that is not true. Defense speed was removed.
  15. Well any standard free play normal map gives about 45-50k xp. So it shouldn't be too hard to farm xp.
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