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  1. I know I'm a bit behind the times but I finally got around to beating Embermount Volcano (on Live). Do people use them for melee or ranged? And if ranged do you up the Ranged damage or the Fire damage? I know I could export it to open but I have a bunch of event items on open so I'm hoping to avoid that.
  2. By Grabthar's Hammer...... WOW!
  3. You're just unlucky I guess.
  4. Honestly, Rift mode just doesn't sound very appealing to me. I'm just going to skip it for now. I'm going to keep enjoying non Rift mode and hopefully later this year there will be some new non rift mode content.
  5. So what are the top tier non rift mode maps? I've done Glitterhelm MHC Survival a few times now and have gotten some nice armor pieces. But does another map have a better loot multiplier?
  6. Looks like the answer to my question is "no". Chromatic Games, is this something you can provide to the community? Perhaps a task for your new community manager?
  7. Interesting discussion. I've just recently finished Massacre campaign and I'm able to do Glitterhelm MHC Survival. As I contemplated Rift mode, it just didn't grab me. Part of it is the gear organization, honestly. Not having folders like DD1 means I'd have to take off my nice Godly sets and chuck them back into the huge pile of gear so I could put on lower rift gear. Or I need to level up all new heroes just for Rift. Either way, it's just not motivating at all. So for now I'm just going to keep grinding out survivals in MHC to get upgrades. I'm hoping that Rift will be an optional br
  8. Is there a list somewhere that has all of the XP bonuses (wave and victory) and a description of how to achieve them and what the bonus is? I've seen wave multipliers like Tactician, Untouchable and Unbreakable but sometimes one or more are missing and I'm not quite sure why. And I'm guessing there are others that I don't know anything about.
  9. Ahhh, that was it! Thanks a lot! I couldn't see that little gear up in the banner for some reason.
  10. Before 1.2 came along I was able to change my costume and my colors. But now when I go talk to the blacksmith, I get to the editing screen (transmog screen I guess) and all the boxes at the top are disabled except the far left one (looks like a vial) but even when I click that one nothing appears in the editing area below. Has anyone else figured this one out?
  11. I finally got to the point where I can beat Alchemical Labs campaign on Massacre Hardcore but when I pop the chest with my Huntress, I don't get a Demon Horn. Both times I've gotten a gun called Chimera. What happened to the vaunted Demon Horn?
  12. Wow wow wow!!! I'm speechless. This is a AMAZING!!! A big thanks to all who made this a reality!!
  13. https://gfycat.com/negligiblezestyharpseal
  14. I'm pretty sure the Disintegrator is the Huntress boss weapon from Alchemical Labs NMHC Campaign and Survival. So maybe that is the best DPS weapon for the Huntress/EV for those who can only complete NMHC maps. If so, how many ups does it take for a good one? The best I've seen is 130-140ish upgrades.
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