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  1. The title says it all about half the AFK shops on Dungeon defenders at the moment. I just entered a shop, everything was blatantly hacked. even a cube had like 8k base damage with hundreds of ups..... I try and report this player however i could not find their steam account. That must be hacked too. I try reporting on here, but you need a link to their steam id? This person is not only hacking, but also selling via paypal. basically breaking all the rules in the game. Yet he is still allowed to play it and ruin it for the rest of us? He is selling loads, so loads of hacked gear is
  2. I have a funny accessory i farmed winter wonderland i have a santa hat with full minus stats. but for some reason i had to keep it lol :0 lol I love rng
  3. A good example of how trendy can fix a problem is this... On stage two of CD NMHC, on the end of the second wave i always get stuck on 900/902 enemies. A goblin copter gets glitched out of range. I have to wait for them to de-spawn. This always happens on two player split screen. I know the problem happens for other people too. Surely a way to fix this problem would simply be to remove them last two enemies? As they waste three mins of my time on CD.
  4. Ahh ok thanks, bit weird? If trendy achnowledges the events then surelly it should be on ranked to start with lol??? But thanks anyway =]=] It doesnt say annywhere on the event topics lol
  5. Hello, Ive been looking at the trading section and have seen alot of event items.... I figured it must have been something happening in the past, as i have heard nothing about them and have only started playing this january. However people are selling them and speaking as if they are farming them atm..... One person got something called the eye of the kraken? So my question is, is there an event on at the moment? And if so what is it, where does it mention it on the forums? Ive tried to google it... looked on these forums, All i can see is the reternia shard thingy... but it said that
  6. i had this same problem, laggy especially when on 4 player split screen. On the config option when you start up the game you can change the graphics, i turned mine right down to minimum. changed the resolution also to minimum and now this has removed the problem. yea the graphics are a little worse, you soon dont notice it anymore tho.
  7. Thankyou for all the comments, i now do believe its just bad luck. However when i do CD later... ill rub my butt and then my face immediately afterwards.. then ill be sure to let you all know if this works for better loot =]=] i reccomend you all do the same... just to rule this theory out =] Many thanks =]
  8. Hello! I have a Question about the RNG of this game. Me and my flat mates tend to play this game qute alot splitscreen together, Ive noticed that every single map that i complete on NMHC seems to Reward Fairly bad loot. I've litterally done several maps multiple times in a row and the loot quality seems to be rather bad. Im having trouble finding Supreme!!! And this is on akkatiti, WWL etc all nmhc.... However when i play with other people online, and not split screen i seem to always farm my best loot!! I dont understand why this is? Are we just unlucky? Or is there something in t
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