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    Item Check Thread

    Thanks ddace. I guess there is still some reasonable over capping on the new reward items
  2. garrison

    Item Check Thread

    Hey guys. Just got this glad without realizing it was a trans. I know overcap is possible, I just wasn't sure what the possible range was on the new weapons (I just started back up last month after a year break). Guy I got it from had other glads that looked fine so I have no reason to believe he is a hacker, just wanted to get an item check. Thanks.
  3. garrison

    Item Check Thread

    Just looking to get these boots checked out. Nothing really stands out as wrong, but I traded with someone I don't know and wanted to be sure they were good to go. Thanks.
  4. this is aimed at the community in general. There seems to be people dropping out left and right because of the current state of the game. I have gotten tired of the game myself. My builders are all around the 3.4k mark and my dps toons are above the 3k damage mark. At this point since progression is broken and it will be almost impossible to hit the 4k mark so I see no reason to continue playing. So, newer and end game players, how much longer do you plan on playing dd?
  5. Well, looks like I am farming it all day today. Hope the patch is tomorrow.
  6. yeah my myth monk wep got around 160/up and had 5 projectiles
  7. anyone know what the damage per up for each class weapon is? I saw the huntress weapon was 450/up and was wondering if the others were as good.
  8. I started on insane just to check out the level. how are the reward weapons?
  9. monk is best dps for survival because of tower and hero boost. for all other purposes its the barb imo. barbs out dps monk any day of the week
  10. Andy just out of curiosity what makes it iffy? I have found tower weapons with better stats than those.
  11. w/o boost I think my barb hits for around 70 mil hawk. monk hits for 15 mil with boost and wrench. only upside to monk now is tower boost, but when you can 1 shot any ogre who cares
  12. with a cat, 3k hero damage, decent monk boost, and 2 saws with 300+ ups my barb's hawk stance hits for 200 mil. the new weapons, if anything, break the game -200 mil is on dummy in tavern set to nm.
  13. has anyone figured out at what point the damage boost return on investment begins to diminish? I just got my cat from 80 to 110 and was still seeing good returns but was wondering if a 175 boost cat is any better than 125.
  14. yeah since I don't do survival any more that is all I do. and when I do survival I give everything I find to new players and friends since 95% of the trans armor I find is no use to me. I just meant since it is almost impossible for me to fond upgrades, why should I grind survival.
  15. End game is dead now. Once or twice recently i have had my mouse hovering over the delete button and i agree with bullseye in that we need a new difficulty and then also with garrison in that loot need a major revamp because atm there is just nothing good. Possibly a nightmare +? We need something trendy as i love this game and want to play more but i am bored frankly and need something new and exciting to keep me going and im afriad the jester just isnt enough. Loot is terrible and that doesny help the game as people are hitting walls in progression and not gettin the buzz off getting good loot which is partly what i play the game for. So come on trendy, dont let the game die and start listening to the community and make some changes before its too late! This, and what Louis said too. they took a step in the right direction with rewards from boss rush and planatir. But, this game needs an over haul to the whole system and not just end game. I used to really enjoy the grind for better gear when getting better gear was possible. I started with hall of court nm hc, then mixed there. once I had decent gear from there I moved on to summit/spires then the shards maps. but now I'm at a wall, all my characters are in trans with 3k-3.4k stats. it is impossible for me to find supreme armor but at the same time I really have no use for it. so, why should I even play any more?
  16. they aren't worthless right now, but I think they will be soon. and as more and more people stop doing survival (who the hell wants to do a 1.5-2 hr run for no upgrades) the games trade system is going to slow down. again this is just my prediction
  17. I wanted to express a concern about the in-game economy and where it's heading. We have already seen one bubble pop, and I think another is about to occur. As I mentioned in my last post about the economy the mana system is all messed up. mana trades are starting to disappear as people are figuring out mana is essentially worthless. For the first few days of mana tokens everything was OK until inflation got to the point where the demand for mana almost vanished. I fear the same thing is about to happen with cubes and again, mana is to blame. With the influx of new players selling cubes on the forums for mana, the supply of cubes has skyrocketed. cubes for a while were the only solid form of currency. but now that people have 5+ cubes their value has diminished. people are offering cubes for everything now, However, there is no supply of items to satisfy the demand for them (and to absorb the increased supply of cubes). Before you know it, a decent trans dps set will coat 4+ cubes. I have a feeling the system is moving towards pure trading (item for item) and stagnation will occur. but, there is such a low supply of good items that people aren't really trading. I have seen so many posts for increased drop quality but trendy keeps ignoring the call. unless something is done to increase loot on all maps people aren't going to be able to progress, and worse, people who are in or near end game items are going to stop playing because upgrades are too hard to find now. this will lead to less good gear for lower people, less trading, and just a wall for people trying to get into good gear. tl;dr in the next week or two cubes are going to be as worthless for trades as mana is now. hope I'm wrong
  18. I agree that it take time but my players have hit their peak I'm afraid. my builder's are all in the 3.4k damage range and without supreme gear there is no where to go. Even mm aquanos with summoners doesn't get me supreme armor. It seems the only way to get it is to trade for it. but I don't see much of a point in getting better gear for builder's since I can do most maps on mix. only thing I'm looking for now is a nice monk wrench, and even though I'm offering 2 cubes a good one doesn't seem to exist.
  19. As much as i would enjoy explaining the finer points of currency appreciation/depreciation, I think we have gotten a bit off topic.
  20. A dollar is worth a dollar because we say it is, and we have faith in its ability to be used as currency. It used to be that it had a fixed gold weight value that it could be traded in for, but we got off that system a while ago. Same thing with the cubes and chickens, they only hold value because we have given them value. The problem with the in game economy is that there is no federal reservemdetermining just how much mana can exist in game. Cubes and chickens on the other hand, have a fixed quantity like gold does irl.
  21. if you have the stats misty mix is great
  22. I have a feeling insane boss rush could reward some nice items too. if it is anything like aqua it may be possible to get good trans pets without 6 negatives. anyone tried it?
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