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    Item Check Thread

    Thanks ddace. I guess there is still some reasonable over capping on the new reward items
  2. garrison

    Item Check Thread

    Hey guys. Just got this glad without realizing it was a trans. I know overcap is possible, I just wasn't sure what the possible range was on the new weapons (I just started back up last month after a year break). Guy I got it from had other glads that looked fine so I have no reason to believe he is a hacker, just wanted to get an item check. Thanks.
  3. garrison

    Item Check Thread

    Just looking to get these boots checked out. Nothing really stands out as wrong, but I traded with someone I don't know and wanted to be sure they were good to go. Thanks.
  4. this is aimed at the community in general. There seems to be people dropping out left and right because of the current state of the game. I have gotten tired of the game myself. My builders are all around the 3.4k mark and my dps toons are above the 3k damage mark. At this point since progression is broken and it will be almost impossible to hit the 4k mark so I see no reason to continue playing. So, newer and end game players, how much longer do you plan on playing dd?
  5. Well, looks like I am farming it all day today. Hope the patch is tomorrow.
  6. yeah my myth monk wep got around 160/up and had 5 projectiles
  7. anyone know what the damage per up for each class weapon is? I saw the huntress weapon was 450/up and was wondering if the others were as good.
  8. I started on insane just to check out the level. how are the reward weapons?
  9. monk is best dps for survival because of tower and hero boost. for all other purposes its the barb imo. barbs out dps monk any day of the week
  10. Andy just out of curiosity what makes it iffy? I have found tower weapons with better stats than those.
  11. w/o boost I think my barb hits for around 70 mil hawk. monk hits for 15 mil with boost and wrench. only upside to monk now is tower boost, but when you can 1 shot any ogre who cares
  12. with a cat, 3k hero damage, decent monk boost, and 2 saws with 300+ ups my barb's hawk stance hits for 200 mil. the new weapons, if anything, break the game -200 mil is on dummy in tavern set to nm.
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