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  1. if you're solo or with 1 AFK you really don't need much with a decent build, builders with 250~300 Tower damage and 100 for the other stats should get it done an app with 150 hero damage equipped with tsuda with 1k base, all projectiles and 15~20 charge speed can manage the /djinns/ogres/boss pretty easily Thanks! What level are you talking? hard? I got a squire tower meets the requirement. Guess I need a good weapon for DPS app then.
  2. Thanks! I will go for a tsuda apprentice first then. What stats/characters do you need to beat genie king on hard?
  3. Thanks fishy! Will insane+ drop better stats soul focuser? (hope not...not sure if I can handle it now...) How many ^ should I aim for a tsuda and for a soul focuser (considering ~100 runs) and how should I upgrade them? Sorry for the many questions! And...I don't have fellow ps3 players.... lol Thanks again!
  4. Thanks a lot! Do you know how many upgrades I can find for a soul focuser from lab? I might be able to farm it. Morago is too difficult for me now :(
  5. I just started my dungeon defender life :P Currently got my squire (Tower) to lv 78, and other characters to lv ~70. I am going to make a DPS character. Not sure which character I should make. Is huntress or aprrentice better and where I can farm the weapon for her/him? Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you!
  6. Switch him to dps. Easiest way to level up any tower character. Can anyone explain what you do after switching to dps? What is the easiest way to level up any tower character? Thanks! :D
  7. name: dodo PSN: swchangdodo better 4:00-8:00pm EST. 12:00 to 4:00 also works
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