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  1. is it possible? one guy got it for 4 cubes
  2. Hacked Thanks. Tavern keeper will take care of it.:santa:
  3. brought this kitty from AFK shop, please check :p
  4. Your layout is not precise enough:p
  5. I have tried this challenge in the past 3 days and defeated the crazy snowman finally. im so excited!!! now, have done all the challenge of this game, ill have a rest.
  6. 5k is above the max base spawn, so yes hacked The max base spawn is 3800. All right?
  7. unupgraded? max spawn base is around 3.8k, so yes it's hacked. many thx.
  8. What is the seahorse's base damage cap? I have saw one seahorse with 5k base damage in someone's floor yesterday. is it hacked?
  9. Please check this kitty:p
  10. http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?94730-Mang-s-ProTip-of-the-day-everything-you-need-to-know-about-propeller-cats thanks for mang:p
  11. Thanks a bunch´╝ü
  12. I do not know much about cats so i wont say. Skeleton is hacked to low of a sale value. Thanks for your quick checking, i think so:p
  13. Please check these, thanks
  14. I have done CD NM (HC and NoHC) several times in Open for test and the reward's quality look the same.:demon: Does the rewards quality have any different between NM HC and NM no HC in CD?
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